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THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST in this project. The work of IntelNews editors has appeared or been referenced in such news outlets as BBC television and BBC radio, ABC Radio, RT Television, The Washington Post, Foreign Policy, The Boston Herald, The Guardian, Politico, Al Jazeera, Le Monde Diplomatique, L’Express, Libération, The Huffington Post, Wired, AlterNet, Computer Weekly, The Nation, Foreign Policy in Focus, and others. If you are looking for expert analysis and opinion for your publication, radio or television show, if you require an intelligence-related book review, or if you are in search of background information for an intelligence-related research project, then feel free to contact us via email, or by calling us in the United States at ++1 (423) 742-1627.

If you find our original columns interesting and well-researched, we encourage you to consider reprinting our articles on an occasional or regular basis. All original content found on is property of the website and its authors. Syndication or republishing of our original content is permissible on condition that intelNews be notified prior to any republishing of any original content; and that intelNews and the respective author(s) be prominently referred to as the sources of all original content found on intelNews. Please contact us to let us know of your intention to republish an article you found on intelNews.


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