Libyan TV accuses detained Dutch helicopter crew of spying

Sirte, Libya

Sirte, Libya

Just days after the capture of a British paramilitary and intelligence team in Libya, the country’s state television has accused three Dutch marines, captured by pro-government loyalists, of spying. The three-member team was detained by armed militias in the outskirts of Libya’s pro-government stronghold of Sirte, while using a Lynx helicopter, allegedly to evacuate two foreign nationals. The Libyans allowed the two unnamed evacuees, a Dutch engineer and another European Union citizen, to transfer to the embassy of the Netherlands in Tripoli, but arrested the crew of the helicopter, which includes a female pilot named Yvonne Niersman. Soon after news of the arrest emerged, the Dutch government said that the mission of the helicopter crew was to evacuate Dutch nationals from Libya. But on March 6, Libyan state television aired footage of the detainees, which showed a collection of items allegedly confiscated from them by the Libyan authorities. They include several weapons, ammunition, as well as a significant amount of United States currency. Read more of this post


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