Obama administration denies UN access to Guantánamo, CIA prisons



By JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | intelNews.org |
The US government has turned down calls by United Nations human rights monitors for access to the US Pentagon’s Guantánamo Bay prison camp and to CIA prison sites around the world. It is the second time that Obama administration officials have declined this request by UN monitors, despite the administration’s rhetorical commitment to increasing its collaboration on human rights issues with the international agency. Commenting anonymously to The Washington Post, which is one of a handful of US news outlets that are running this story, US government officials said that the Obama administration “support[s] the work of the UN human rights researchers”, but is “constrained in releasing information on sensitive intelligence matters”. The news comes ten days after unconfirmed reports that the US Department of Justice is considering the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the use of torture by US intelligence agencies after September of 2001.

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2 Responses to Obama administration denies UN access to Guantánamo, CIA prisons

  1. Anonymous says:

    Obama needs to pick a side of the fence to be on.

  2. Steve0215 says:

    What, Obama has something to hide at Gitmo, I thought that was what he accussed Bush of doing.

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