US Spy’s Israel Ties Deeper Than First Thought

By Ian Allen* and Joseph Fitsanakis* | intelNews | 01.25.2010
NEW COURT DOCUMENTS SHOW THAT Stewart David Nozette, an American scientist arrested for attempted espionage during an FBI sting last October, had deeper ties to Israel than initially believed. Nozette, a former employee of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was arrested for attempting to share classified US government data with an undercover FBI officer posing as a handler of Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.

At the time of Nozette’s arrest, the US Justice Department argued for keeping him in jail, as he “might flee to Israel if not confined”. Interestingly, however, US officials said at the time that Israel had no role in Nozette’s attempted espionage, and the FBI’s own indictment admitted that the Bureau “does not allege that the government of Israel or anyone acting on its behalf committed any offense under US laws in this case”.

Shortly after Nozette’s arrest, we raised two important counterintelligence questions: first, how did the FBI know to lure Nozette with an agent posing as an Israeli –as opposed to a Russian or Chinese– handler? Second, why would Nozette flee to –and presumably be protected by– Israel, even though the government of Israel was not involved in this case, according to the FBI? We then suggested that Nozette’s connection to Israel, through his most recent employer, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), was probably much deeper than the FBI was prepared to admit publicly.

In early November, it was revealed that Nozette was not simply a Mossad agent-wannabe, but “had [actually] passed information to Israel in the past”. Now two attorneys in the counterespionage unit of the US Department of Justice’s National Security Division, have helped solve part of the riddle behind the Nozette-Israel connection. First, it appears that Nozette visited Israel several times in recent years, but did not report this to the US government, thus breaking a vital stipulation of his top national security clearance. Second, US government attorneys said Nozette’s home computer contained documents describing potential espionage operations against NASA, including one titled “Proposed Operations for 2005-2006”, in which the former NASA scientist made the case for penetrating the agency. Finally, as intelNews reported earlier this month, Nozette “may have impersonated a naval research official in order to acquire classified information”.

Writing for Israeli daily Ha’aretz, Yossi Melman correctly points out that, even though Israeli government-owned IAI maintains it had no connection with Nozette’s espionage, the US scientist’s activities seem to fit the mold of Israeli spying missions on US soil, which Israel has “systematically conducted […] since its establishment”. Melman also links Nozette’s case to that of Jonathan Jay Pollard, a US Navy intelligence analyst who in 1987 was found guilty of spying on the US on behalf of Israel. In an attempt to secure Pollard’s release from the US prison system, Israeli officials privately maintain that Jerusalem has decided to put a halt on all spying activity on US soil. But, as Melman points out, US government officials “have a hard time believing Israel on this subject, and the Nozette case does not contribute to clearing the atmosphere of suspicion regarding future intentions”.

Melman, a seasoned national security and intelligence correspondent, is of course correct. As the links between Stewart David Nozette and the Israeli government become increasingly apparent, they help dispel the romantic belief –stubbornly maintained by some US officials– that Israeli espionage operations on US soil are a thing of the past.

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* Ian Allen has spent nearly twenty-five years working in intelligence-related fields, and is now active in intelligence consulting. He has worked in North America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. He is currently living and working in South Korea. He is co-founder and Editor of His latest writings for are available here.

* Dr. Joseph Fitsanakis has been writing and teaching on the politics of intelligence for over ten years. His areas of academic expertise include the institutional analysis of the intelligence community; the interception of communications; and the history of intelligence with particular reference to international espionage during the Cold War. He is co-founder and Senior Editor of His latest writings for are available here.


15 Responses to US Spy’s Israel Ties Deeper Than First Thought

  1. arturo gotto says:

    The Jews are the master of espionage. Unlike the Chinese, the Jews can pass off as Americans because, they are Americans. They are usually in the higher stratus of society which allows one more access to more resources.

  2. Tom says:

    They are every where, in our government, courts, businesses, media, and their loyalty is not to the U.S but to Israel. What country allows top level and important information to be put in the hands of people who are loyal to another country ?

  3. AbeBird says:

    Jews don’t spy in America because Israel share its intelligence with the American intelligence agencies. Ian Allen’s speculation on Nozette’s case shows that you are thirsty for more like stories. T

  4. Apartheidisrael says:

    The terrorist sponsering apartheid theocracy of Israel was responsible for the murder of 3000 Americans on 911.

    There is no question in the mind of any patriotic American that continued welfare to the zionist entity in the amount of 30 Billion dollars a year is not only against US National Security interests, but is also an affront to everything America should stand for. Our founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves if they could see how we did sufficiently beware of foreign entanglements and how we are now surrendering liberty for security to realize that in so doing we deserve neither.

    Continued support for Apartheid Israel hurts America. How many more Johnathan Pollards? How many more USS Liberty’s? How many more False flag attacks can we tolerate by the pariah zionist entity?

  5. Anonymous says:

    US need not be troubled about Israeli spying activities on American soil. Isreal is like a younger brother to the US and would not do any harm. it may merely cause occasional irritattion.

  6. David Fulton says:

    US needs to be VERY worried about Israel’s spying activity.Look at the cabal of dual ISRAELI NATIONALS that have been successful at SUBVERTING OUR CONSTITUTION,being in collusion with the BUSH CABAL.Israeli corporations (Such as :ITRR,COMERSE,AMDOCS,…) handle our most sensitive,highly classified,National Intelligence.They have used information gathered from illegally activating phone taps,to BLACKMAIL OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS.This is why the HOUSE & SENATE has VOTED consistantly IN the interest of ISRAEL,& AGAINST OUR OWN NATIONAL INTEREST…We are shedding the blood of our patriots,fighting wars against those countries that Israel feels pose a threat.American lives are spent,not Israeli lives.Look at the signatories of PNAC.Now look to see how many are dual ISRAELI NATIONALS ! Now look to see what positions they held on 911.Now look to see how much money they made by their “INTELLIGENCE FAILURE”…ODD, NO ONE WAS DEMOTED,THEY WERE PROMOTED ! The Harman Resolution (Sponsored by Jane Harman & co-sponsored by Joe Lieberman),basicaly would have made it a treasonist act,to exercise your 1st Amendment Rights.The FBI had caught Jane Harman commiting treason,but Alberto Gonzales (BUSH CABAL =AIPAC LOYALIST) had the charges not go foward.AIPAC is one of the most powerful lobbies in D.C. & is the only foreign lobby that doesn’t have to register as a foreign lobby (BECAUSE OF BRIBES).The media & Hollywood is controled by JEWS,so you will almost never hear any bad about Israel.ADL & JDL are corrupt organizations that has strong legal conduits to go after those who dare speak truth to their power.I myself was targeted for torture, by a JEW, with family in ISRAEL.To read my comments to JESSE VENTURA (It will rock your world),GOOGLE : DAVID FULTON TORTURE >>>

  7. David Fulton says:


  8. David Fulton says:

    [edited due to use of ALL CAPS].

  9. ContractAgent says:

    It seems more and more so, that this site, and several of it’s readers are anti Israel. “ApartheidIsrael” sounds like a Jordanian (no one considered themselves “Palestinians” until 1967, when Israel reclaimed Jerusalem and the Jordanians revoked all the Arabs citizenships and called them refugees instead of Jordanians). For more of A history lesson, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and all the other countries, which if Israel is an apartheid, so are these governments(learn what apartheid is, get off the bandwagon and educate yourself), these countries told the Arabs that lived in Israel to flee to Egypt, Syria, and Jordan until “we push the Jews into the sea”. At which point they could return. What they didn’t anticipate was the Israelis routing them. So all those refugees are thanks to their Arab “brothers”. No brother of mine would do that to me, but hey, killing your “brothers” seems to be normal in the middle east.

    Israel is the only democracy that we didn’t build in the middle east. They spy on us to make sure that things here are still staying pro-Israel. CIA, NSA and the likes know about, we know what they are finding out. When you hear about cases like this it’s us letting the Israelis they are taking it to far. I don’t blame them personally. With people like “ApartheidIsrael” running around America as uneducated as they are and spewing hatred, you never know what can transpire.

    This site needs to drop their anti Israel rhetoric. Everyone in the IC knows the extent of Israel’s spying. For the two authors to act surprised at this boggles me. If you don’t know things like this, I don’t think either one of you, doctor or not, should be blogging a site called “intel news”. If your not in the loop, then this site should be called “academics theorizing on intelligence, with no real knowledge of anything that isn’t in the media”. My $0.02

    And for you real anti-semites, I am not Jewish, I’m a WASP. One who has worked with Israeli intelligence officers for 20 years. So I’ll close that door before you can open it.

  10. Analyst says:

    ContractAgent :

    There are several subjects you can point to, to accuse this (or indeed any other) site of being “anti Israel”. But the Nozette case is not one of them. If you really are in the IC, you know well that many of us are getting increasingly frustrated with Israeli unregistered agent activity on U.S. soil, which includes Israel Aerospace Industries. This does not make us “anti Israel”. It makes us pro-American.

    I also want to remind you that openly justifying or excusing ANY foreign spying on U.S. soil, whether by ‘enemy’ or ‘allied’ agents, is contrary to the mission and objectives of the IC. Remember this before you post here again.

  11. ContractAgent says:


    My intentions weren’t to justify. I said I don’t blame them for doing with all thhe anti-Israel things going on in the USA. Not agreeing with it, nor do I think it’s right, them spying at all.
    I was simply stating that Israel spying on the US is an accepted thing in the states. We know they are doing for the most part and we let it slide. It’s the big cases, ie. Pollard, where they pushed us to far and we had to step it. I’ve worked with several Israeli officers. Though it maybe an outdated look according to some, predominately they stitll view their intelligence as if it’s going to stop anothher holocaust. I’m no one for judging this matter, all I’m saying was that if I were in their shoes, Id do the same.
    For our IC, we know it happens, we track it the best we can. We let them get away with what we don’t need, and what we do need we either nip in bud or arrest people like Pollard. Th unregistered agents are becoming a bit of a nuisance and I believe the Israelis are begining to see that. So hopefully it will slowdown.

    And before you get all high and mighty on me, make sure I justifying or excusing their actions, make sure I wasn’t simply giving the reasoning behind why they are doing what their doing. So quick to make an attack, that’s a problem with our IC today.

  12. Julian says:

    And the Americans dont spy on Israel? Grow up

  13. Pablo says:

    Israel is neither a friend to the U.S. nor is it a democracy no matter how many times you repeat it. Bush spirited out Israelis who had cameras set up prior to the first hit on the WTC and on Israel TV said they were there to ‘document the event’. That in itself shows who took the towers down no matter how many times our treasonous government says differently. And Anti-Semitic suggests that most Jews are Semitic when they aren’t. The 90 or so percent of non Semetic Jews are the biggest anti-semites on the planet and how many more dead before people demand it stop? Blockade, Sanction and recognize nothing past the 1948 borders plus compensation it they don’t want Palestinians to have the right of return. It’s time to start treating Israel for what it is and as one diplomat [or politician] called it “that shitty little country”.

  14. ... says:

    Never trust a handsome friend with a good-looking girlfriend of yours, never let Israel alone from US spies eyes. Naturally tensions will result.

  15. Edward M Roche says:

    Israel has an effective intelligence service. What else is new?

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