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THE HISTORY OF INTELNEWS IS almost as long as that of the Internet. It began in 1988 as The Secrets Network in the good old days of bulletin board systems (BBS). Its purpose was to facilitate mostly English-language discussion on issues of intelligence and espionage among professionals, academic researchers and aficionados. In its heyday, the Network had over three hundred members on every continent. Some credit it with providing “substantial and critical” information during the August 1991 coup d’état in the USSR. In 1998, it was renamed The Club, and operated under its own, privately accessible Internet domain. The events of September 11, 2001, reinvigorated the public’s interest in the field of espionage and intelligence. Thus, in late 2006, after considerable discussion, the decision was made to rename the network intelNews and turn it into a public-access blog, operated by its two moderators, Dr. Joseph Fitsanakis and Ian Allen.
The Secret Network BBS masthead

……………………. BBS-style masthead of a Secrets Network communique dated June 13, 1989
……………………………………………………. [thanks to D.L. for the image].

Despite its periodic incarnations, the mission of intelNews has remained unchanged since its BBS days: namely, to highlight and discuss in a responsible and reflective manner the role of intelligence and espionage operations in national and international affairs. In doing so, intelNews aims to encourage public discussion on a critical aspect of security and politics that is rarely accentuated by the media conglomerates that shape the news agenda.

Both specialists in the field of espionage and intelligence, Joseph Fitsanakis and Ian Allen filter through the melodrama and sensationalism of the daily news to bring to the surface intelligence-related developments that rarely make news headlines. They then elaborate on these developments by posting occasional, carefully researched and crafted commentaries and analyses, which bring together the various news items relating to a particular story or subject.

This site is free. It is not driven by profit or by other narrow-minded aspirations. Rather, it is driven by the will of two colleagues and friends to share their passion for the study of intelligence in a systematic and accessible way. Thanks for visiting, and make sure to drop us a line to let us know what you think of our effort.

For more detailed information about intelNews.org please read our frequently asked questions page.

2 Responses to About intelNews


    Your work and efforts inspire us.

  2. Kenneth. W. McNeil says:

    Thank you for making “Intel News” available
    to us Yanks here in the US of A. I will be a
    frequent visitor to the website.
    With respect and gratitude,

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