Announcement: intelNews gets down with social networking

Social networkingBy JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | |
This blog first boarded the social-networking train by joining Twitter, in June of 2009. Back then Leon Panetta was in the hot seat at the CIA, US troops (of the non-mercenary kind) were still in Iraq, Osama bin Laden was living the high life in exotic Abbottabad, and South Korean intelligence were trying to kill the North’s “dear leader”, Kim Jong-Il. We’ve since managed to post over 1,200 Tweets, and have attracted a microblogging community numbering a moderately respectable 600 members. If you haven’t signed up, you can do so, here. Today we’d also like to invite you to join our newest adventure in the land of social networking, by signing onto Facebook and becoming a member of our new breathtaking, awe-inspiring page, which is located here. Our grand plan is to use the new page as a way to interact with our readers on a more frequent basis, and to invite further feedback and discussion on issues of concern to intelNews readers. Check us out, and let us know of your thoughts. We also have a hip new channel on YouTube, where we post audiovisual content relating to our work, including our research and periodic media appearances. You can find the YouTube channel here. In case you didn’t know, you can also share or bookmark articles that appear on intelNews, you can subscribe to read intelNews in one of the popular readers out there, you can get intelNews articles on your email, and you can even place our headlines on your website or blog. So there. I think we’ve covered everything. Or, have we? If you have any suggestions or advice for our growing social-networking empire, get in touch.

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