ISIS members attempting to target Russians in Thailand, FSB warns

ThailandRussian intelligence officials have warned authorities in Thailand that the Islamic State is planning to strike at Russian targets in the Southeast Asian country. Thai authorities received the warning in a memorandum dated November 27, 2015, which came from the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). The document, marked ‘urgent’, warned of a series of coordinated attacks against Russian-related businesses and facilities in several cities across Thailand. Several Thai news sites, as well as CNN in the United States, said they had seen the memo. It was allegedly forwarded last week from the Royal Thai Police Special Branch division to police units across the country. It warned that the FSB had identified at least 10 Syrian citizens, all members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), who had entered Thailand between October 15 and October 31.

According to the FSB memorandum, the ISIS operatives had entered Thailand in three separate groups, arriving to the country from different international destinations. The largest of the groups, consisting of 4 members, is believed to have traveled to the coastal city of Pattaya (pictured), in eastern Thailand. Two more operatives went to Phuket Island in the Andaman Sea, while two other Syrians traveled to capital Bangkok. The two remaining members of the group went “to an unknown location”, said the FSB memorandum. After receiving the FSB memorandum, the Royal Thai Police issued a warning that ISIS may be trying to harm “Russians and Russia’s alliance with Thailand”. They also called for heightened security around tourist spots frequented by Russian tourists.

Phuket and Pattaya are busy resort destinations for Russian tourists, nearly 2 million of whom visit Thailand each year, many of them in December. The Russian Federation maintains consulates in both cities, in addition to the Russian embassy in Bangkok. When asked by reporters on Friday about the FSB memo, Royal Thai Police officials said they had not been able to locate the alleged ISIS members, but added that security had been increased across the country. General Thawip Netniyom, who heads the country’s National Security Council, said no “unusual movement” had been detected, and insisted that “everything is safe” in the country.

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2 Responses to ISIS members attempting to target Russians in Thailand, FSB warns

  1. TFH says:

    So ISIS(L) is at war with the world essentually, they have attacked American interests, European interests, Hamaz (enemy of my enemy does not seem to fly for them), executed Chinease citizens and now Thailand is a targert. Does this not suggest that ISIS(L) is an embrella term for very different groups with own agenda and different enemies? The different groups have no common allegience but give credit to the same (perhaps) fictional command?

  2. According to Thai media the ISIS operatives who entered Thailand are of Syrian origin. Three went to Bangkok and were identified as being legally there with no links to ISIS, the other is being questioned.

    The two who went to Phuket were like discovered to be safe [BKK Post].

    Regarding those who went to Bangkok, there is an Arab quarter set on Soi 3 Sukhumvit Road BKK, the Syrian Consulate being on the same road. I walked through there daily and exchanged greetings in Arabic with a number of shopkeepers, the area reminding me so much of my time in the Yemen.

    As to the validity of the media reports of those loose in Thailand being safe only time will tell. There are Russians at play in BKK so who knows what will occur. The very liberal ‘Adult’ entertainment areas – I can think of three with immediacy along the Sukhumvit Road/Nana area – would surely be a target that would surely cause Thai economy problems if hit.

    The Bombing at the Erawan Shrine last August [missed me by 59 mins] caused a momentary major dip in the Baht exchange rate vs major currencies but that lasted a few hours only.
    The SkyTrain continued to run to time except the stations nearest to the carnage, Siam and Chit Lom, were closed. The only knock on effect to the tourist trade was the lament of bar staff, who fearing a loss of earnings, moaned ‘I hope they don’t close the bars at midnight.’

    The cause of the Erawan incident is thought to be linked to the arrest and later expulsion of 173 Uigers, 109 back to China, the rest to Turkey. That move caused great offence and it is thought the ‘Grey Wolves’ (Nationalist Movement Party) acted as a proxy acting against the Thai Government and attacking two tourist areas; one, the shrine, very popular with the Chinese and Sathorn Pier a popular starting point for all tourists for river trips.

    Let’s hope the Thai Media is correct with its view of this latest terror scare in Thailand; it was on the ball with the sad Erawan event.

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