Russia ‘mobilizing for war’ warns Canadian intelligence report

CSIS Canada A report by Canada’s primary intelligence agency warns in stark language that Russia is “retooling its military for a fight” and appears to be “mobilizing for war”. The classified report was accessed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), the country’s state-owned broadcaster. According to the CBC, the document was produced by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), Canada’s primary national intelligence service. It is titled 2018 Security Outlook and is described by the CBC as a “distillation” of information from open sources and publicly available academic research, without input from internal CSIS assessments.

The 104-page report contends that, in the absence of any serious opposition inside Russia, the hardline nationalistic policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin are going unchallenged and becoming “more deeply entrenched”. When assessed collectively, Putin’s maneuvers in the area of national defense reveal that he is “retooling [the Russian] military for a fight”, claims the CSIS report. It goes on to add that Moscow “is not modernizing its military primarily to extend its capacity to pursue hybrid warfare”. The term ‘hybrid warfare’ is used by some experts to describe Russia’s utilization of irregular military tactics during its invasion and annexation of Crimea in 2014, and many believe that it points to the future evolution of Russian military thinking. But the CSIS document argues that President Putin is primarily modernizing Russian “conventional military capability on a large scale” and argues that “the state is mobilizing for war”.

The CSIS report is believed to be among several reasons why Ottawa is considering contributing hundreds of troops to a new 4,000-strong North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) force that is expected to be stationed in the Baltic States in the coming months. The Canadian intelligence agency argues in favor of a more aggressive NATO policy vis-à-vis Russia in its report, stating that the economic sanctions imposed by the West on Moscow after the annexation of Crimea are not working. Instead of faltering due to outside economic pressures, the Kremlin “appears to be coherent, durable and united”, says CSIS. Consequently, “Western assessments that Russia is vulnerable to economic collapse and disruptive internal discontent are exaggerated”, according to the report. The document concludes that Russia is “adapting to diversity [by] deliberately tilting [its economy] to security, rather than economic freedom”.

Author: Ian Allen | Date: 16 June 2016 | Permalink

8 Responses to Russia ‘mobilizing for war’ warns Canadian intelligence report

  1. Mike Silva says:

    Shouldn’t it read: Russia Mobilizes for War in Response to NATO’s Aggressive Posturing.

  2. tfh says:

    Re-tooling for war means Russia was not tooled up for war before. Maybe it´s a matter of self-respect rather than planning a war.

  3. HJL says:

    Amazing how well Western Propaganda works, misinforming us, supporting the War-Machine called NATO. Russia is surrounded by NATO posturings and itching for Russia to make the first move. None of the agreements made with the West when the USSR disintegrated
    were respected. And now it’s all Russia fault. This article should definitely read : Russia Mobilizes for War in Response to NATO’s Aggressive Posturing !
    What’s with these so-called ” Security-counter-measures and related services and Political Science-Experts ? They’re clearly misleading us, helping to foster disastrous wars. And this, from the moment NATO was created. Must be because ” War Is A Business.”

  4. Dr No says:

    Hey, what country has in recent years invaded a couple of neigbors? Well, if HJL, tfh, and Mike Silva would need some help, it wasn’t a NATO-member.

    And, did NATO first made an aggressive posturing, or was it actually Russia making the first action in the Crimea? It is realy hard to check the years when who did what, isn’t it!

  5. tfh says:

    @HJL, yes war is a business, or a racket like general Butler pointed out in his work. But in this age of nuclear weapons the outcome of a war between nuclear states is not profit but nihilation.

  6. seisendrek says:

    If you filter out the re-enactment of cold war rhetoric, the message behind this (probably not-so) “classified report” is directed to russian officials. Canada is willing to use NATO as a vehicle to assert their economic interests in the Arctic.

    Escalating the Arctic conflict by other than diplomatic means is creating another hot spot, which is contrary to european security.

  7. Eatal says:

    Russian trolls, arent you bored with your job? Pls reply after working hours…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Quoting the article, this was a “distillation of information from open sources and publicly available academic research, without input from internal CSIS assessments” Then they describe the information as “Classified”. Which is it? Why are they wasting everyone’s time with juvenile propaganda? Or is the Government now entering the realm of ‘Scripted Reality Shows?’ (rhetorical)

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