New information unearthed on CIA mind experimentation projects

The CIA’s past mental-related experimentation (projects MKULTRA and others) is well-known and well-documented. Now new information has surfaced, which seems to implicate yet another doctor and yet another hospital in the CIA mental experimentation projects. Dr. Robert K. Hyde is said to have performed CIA-funded experimentation on non-consenting patients in Boston, in the 1950s. He then relocated to Vermont State Hospital’s Waterbury facility. Further research and some “new evidence, though incomplete, [now] suggests that similar tests might have been conducted at the Vermont State Hospital”. Although further research on this subject will always be hampered by the CIA’s deliberate and illegal destruction of relevant documentary evidence in the early 1970s, the issue remains relevant and important in light of the fact that “techniques developed through testing […] on [non-consenting] mental health patients […] are related to the interrogation methods used [today] in the war on terror”. [IA]


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