Hamas map discovery shows advanced preparations for ground war

By IAN ALLEN | intelNews.org |
The increasingly sophisticated deception and propaganda operations by all sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have been extensively detailed in the relevant specialized literature. But if the recent revelation by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) of a Hamas urban warfare map is indeed genuine, it signifies well-timed anticipation by the Palestinian faction of Israel’s current offensive in the Gaza Strip. The map, which was allegedly discovered by IDF paratroopers in Beit Lahia, north of Gaza, is said to portray a detailed diagram of the al-Atatra neighborhood, with locations of booby traps. The latter include the use of dolls to lure IDF soldiers, with the intention of killing or –more beneficially from Hamas’ strategic viewpoint– kidnapping them. The IDF has also alleged that several of Hamas’ explosive booby traps are located “near gas stations despite the immediate danger to civilians”. If genuine, the confiscated map would indicate that Hamas started preparing specifically for the IDF ground incursion into Gaza long before it materialized, possibly even before the termination of the six-month ceasefire brokered last June by Egypt.

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2 Responses to Hamas map discovery shows advanced preparations for ground war

  1. caboom says:

    The paper shows nothing except a manipulated paper which any kid can draw or sketch.
    Isreal needs to stop making excuses to the assaule on Gaza as it is crystal clear to the rest of the world.
    Stop the killing of civilians and obey the world rules also the UN at least.

  2. analyst says:

    This has been a disturbing occurence lately. You guys will know this. The Bhutto assaination. The Marritot bombing, the AQ attack on the US embassy in Yemen have been incredibly well planed out.

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