Comment: Israel Intensifies Information War

John Minto is well known in New Zealand’s political circles. In 2005, a documentary on the country’s most influential public figures positioned him firmly within the top 100. Earlier today, Minto accused Israeli military and security agencies of orchestrating cyber-attacks on New Zealand websites, including his own, that are critical of Israel’s ongoing incursion in Gaza. He also said that websites in Britain and elsewhere have had “similar experiences”, which he blamed on “a dedicated unit within the Israeli military which monitors and does its best to close down sites which are effective in organizing opposition to Israeli policies”.

A spokesman for the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS), the government agency that was recently found to be spying on domestic political activists, said NZSIS “really didn’t have any comment to make” on Minto’s allegations. But California-based security firm Fortify warned a few days ago that the Israeli-Arab cyberwar is rapidly intensifying due to the war in Gaza. A representative of the company said that hacking attacks are no longer directed just on government sites. In early January, Israeli military hackers reportedly hijacked the Hamas television station Al-Aqsa, to broadcast “animated clip[s] of Hamas’ leadership being gunned down”. The purported cyber-attacks are said to be part of a wider information war launched by the Israeli military and security agencies since the start of the ongoing Gaza war. Some Arab cyber-attacks have also been reported, though apparently not originating from Arab government agencies. On January 10, Ashiyaneh, an infamous group of Iranian hackers claimed it had successfully concluded a cyberattack against the website of Mossad, Israel’s national intelligence agency.

To return to John Minto’s allegations from New Zealand, it should be noted that Israeli intelligence activity has long been confirmed in that country. In July 2004, the New Zealand government severed its diplomatic relations with Israel after two Mossad agents were caught trying to acquire New Zealand passports in Auckland. The two Israeli agents, Uri Kelman and Eli Cara were convicted of passport fraud and jailed in New Zealand for six months before being unceremoniously expelled back to Israel.

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2 Responses to Comment: Israel Intensifies Information War

  1. Anon Ymous says:

    Now if only the Israeli-Pal issue had been dealt with properly the first time – I bet you Al Qaidah would not even exist – let alone Hezbollah, HAMAS and so on. Reap what you sow.

  2. That is so and I believe we should Help by Downsizing the Iranian Hezbollah by Downsizing the Hamas too. Palestine will Take care of itself being it is so Close to Israel. Then Israel will have to Focus on Iran with an Independent Purpose that will Co-Inside with The Western Purpose for a Peaceful Summit or an Iranian Attack, that will require the West to be in touch with all these Partners at the Same time. This would put the Regional Sequences into Play and Force The Terrorists to Move First and Set Up The West as well as Israel to Counter The Iranian Resistances either Diplomatically or Militarily. Syrian Forces would be then- Held in Check, being as they are always one of the moves Iran makes in Secret to Counter any American or Israeli Countdown on their Resistance! European Interests would be Very influential by Holding the Take on Diplomacy in the Region as well as The Middle-Eastern Alliances and Free up some Diplomatic Space for The Foreign Policies of The U.S. and N.A.T.O. too. There is still a Good Diplomatic Move to Make in Turkey for they Don’t want a Nuclear exchange in Their Neighborhood either, so they may Provide some Real-Time Intel on Iran and a Passage for S/F’s as we go Forth into The Iranian Tundra and Sew some Distractions as well as some Demolitions too. Volunteer intelligence

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