Disgraced CIA officer held far more important post than initially thought

By IAN ALLEN| intelNews.org |
On February 7, intelNews reported on the indictment of Steven J. Levan, a 16-year CIA operative who was caught using Agency credit cards to pay for over $75,000 in personal expenses, including luxury hotel stays and a $700 watch. It has now emerged that Levan was “a far more important official at the agency than previously reported”. His office is allegedly located at the CIA’s senior executive suite on the seventh floor of the Agency’s Langley, VA, headquarters, and he has also served as CIA station chief at an unidentified country. Investigative reporter Jeff Stein quotes an unnamed intelligence source who describes Steven Levan as a rising agent serving “in one of the high visibility staff aide positions which are usually reserved for folks expected to move on into top echelons”. Now, however, members of the US intelligence community “wonder what else Levan might have stolen –or sold”, including the alias names of CIA operatives under which the Agency credit cards that Levan used to fund his luxurious lifestyle were issued. Stein also reminds observers that Levan’s case is not unprecedented at the CIA. In 1996, the US Justice Department successfully prosecuted a number of CIA employees and others for “stealing sensitive items from the agency, including credit cards and identification documents”. The culprits used the stolen items to obtain nearly $200,000 in goods and services.

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10 Responses to Disgraced CIA officer held far more important post than initially thought

  1. analyst says:

    7th floor is where the director office is I think. I knew the CIA pays low but man.

  2. overtindc says:

    I do believe there are a few miscues in this post, and in Mr Steins post. Levan was on the 7th floor in 2007; not 2008, and he is not divorced, but legally seperated.

  3. intelNews says:

    I appreciate your input. Despite the inevitable miscues, it seems to me that -broadly speaking- Mr. Levan was “on the rise” at the agency, and the fact that he has served as station chief before, which does not appear to be disputed, shows that he was not exactly “peripheral” to some of the CIA’s core operational functions. [IA]

  4. overtindc says:

    Yes, you are correct, Mr Levan was highly regarded within the company, and was a “rising star”. You are correct again; he did serve as COS, before returning in 2005. No doubt, he disappointed many.

  5. InsideSource says:

    Does anybody know what happened to the ex-girlfriend in DC?

  6. InsideSource says:

    All should know, not olny did he defraud the gov’t , co-workers, wife, kids he bounced numerous checks on his ex-girlfriend, he stole her credit card and used it on her to take her to dinner and Kennedy Center show.

    The ex-girlfriend ended up in this mess with the investigation into Mr Levan’s dealings. That’s love for you!

  7. overtindc says:

    Not sure who you are, but you have done your research. Just looking forward to May 1st.

  8. overtindc says:

    Sentencing is now set for May 14th, 2009.

  9. intelNews says:

    It appears Levan received one year in prison, which I’m told was the minimum sentence requested by the prosecution. He has also been requested to pay back about $110,000, which is the amount he charged on the stolen credit cards. There is a little bit of controversy about the case, namely several people believe Levan’s sentence was way too lenient. But some of his friends in the Agency claim he is helping fraud investigators design measures to prevent this sort of thing happening again in the future. [IA]

  10. interestedinthis says:

    who’s the girlfriend and whatever happened to her? did she get caught up in all this?

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