Feinstein causes furor as CIA assassinations continue

By IAN ALLEN| intelNews.org |
Thirty more people were killed this past weekend in Pakistan by US missiles fired from unmanned CIA drone planes, in the second such strike on Barack Obama’s watch. In late January, two more missiles killed at least 20 people, according to international news agencies. That these drone attacks by the CIA are authorized by the US and Pakistani governments has been well known and well reported for some time. IntelNews is among several news outlets that have reported on a high-level US-Pakistani agreement by which “the US government refuses to publicly acknowledge the [US missile] attacks [on Pakistani soil] while Pakistan’s government continues to complain noisily about the politically sensitive strikes”. This website has repeatedly questioned the legality of these extrajudicial assassinations, which apparently is an issue that does not concern the Obama administration or most US intelligence experts. The more important question in the minds of intelligence observers appears to be why the US is unable to hold its side of their bargain. While Pakistan has overzealously kept its part of the deal, by refusing to even discuss these strikes, recent weeks have seen several American public figures make unauthorized disclosures of the assassination operations. Late last month, while speaking to the US Senate Armed Services Committee, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates essentially confirmed that the Pakistani leadership is aware of the CIA drone activities. Last Thursday, US Senator Diane Feinstein carelessly exposed the Pakistani government by stating during a public Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing that “as I understand it, these [CIA drones] are flown out of a Pakistani base”. Pakistani government officials quickly scrambled to issue assurances that “[t]here are no foreign bases in Pakistan” and that they have no idea what Senator Feinstein is talking about. But nobody believes them, of course, since, as one leading Pakistani daily wrote, the country’s “[o]fficial sources have lost all credibility”. Meanwhile, the recent CIA missile attacks were the firth this year. At least 162 people have reportedly been killed in 39 CIA missile strikes in Pakistan during the past few months.

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