Polish priest claims Soviets tried to kill Pope in 1987

Zdzisław Król

Zdzisław Król

By JOSEPH FITSANAKIS| intelNews.org |
A Polish Catholic priest, who accompanied Pope John Paul II during his 1987 trip to Poland, has said he helped foil a Soviet attempt to assassinate the Pontiff. Zdzisław Król, who today heads the Warsaw Metropolitan Curia, Poland’s largest Catholic institute, claims that the Soviet Union’s foreign military intelligence directorate (GRU) had planned to assassinate the Pope during his speech at Pauline monastery of Jasna Góra, in the city of Częstochowa. The monastery houses the Black Madonna painting, a popular shrine to the Virgin Mary. Zdzisław Król, claims that GRU had supplied a Bulgarian operative living in Poland with precise information on the Pope’s travel itinerary, which had not been publicized for security reasons, as well as train tickets to Częstochowa. But the operative’s wife, who was deeply Catholic, confessed her husband’s plans to her priest, Zdzisław Król. He in turn alerted the Polish authorities, who then arrested the would-be assassin. Reporting on Król’s revelation, British newspaper The Daily Mail says that the Polish priest’s allegation appears to be confirmed in the archives of Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance (INP), a government-affiliated organization, whose mission is to investigate, expose and indict participants in criminal actions during Poland’s Nazi occupation, as well as during the country’s communist period. The Institute sparked controversy late last year when two of its researchers claimed that Poland’s anticommunist former President, Lech Walesa, was a paid collaborator of Służba Bezpieczeństwa (SB), Poland’s Security Service, in the 1970s.

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4 Responses to Polish priest claims Soviets tried to kill Pope in 1987

  1. SG says:

    Hmmm, it seems that The Stasi awarded Putin a bronze service medal in 1987 in recognition of his cloak and dagger operations
    I wonder what this was for ?

  2. Iguana Mom says:

    This polish priest doesn’t read much. The anti-Russian stories are being ramped up in the media. Probably it’s to distract us from our own government’s failures. “First do no harm” says Obama, to one hair on a thieving banksters head, but throw millions of families out of their homes who have been foreclosed on with fraudulent documents.

    Mehmet Ali Ağca was the contract killer who shot the pope, Oral Çelik was the “backup gunman who fled. These were members of the Grey Wolves, and controlled by according to Çetin Altan a reporter was informed by Turkish Sezai Orkunt that they were controlled by CIA station chief Paul Henze .
    Abdullah Çatlı helped him escape prison, where eh fled to Bulgaria, the location of the base of the Turkish Mafia. (he was pressed to accuse PLFP, Bulgaria Communist Gov),
    In Nov 2010, he publicly asserted that Cardinal Agostino Casaroli had was behind the attempt on John Paul II life in 1981

  3. Iguana Mom says:

    Oh, sorry, got the year wrong.
    How many divisions has the pope?

    It’s still absurd. But then the russians are orthodox and the poles hate the russians, so there is a double whammy with this one.

  4. intelNews says:

    @Iguana Mom: I presume you are referring to the Palestinian PFLP, founded by George Habash, not the PLFP? [IA]

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