Ex-KGB officer’s wife, son, to remain in Canada



By IAN ALLEN| intelNews.org |
On March 2, we reported that the Canadian government had notified Mikhail Alexander Lennikov, a former KGB officer living in British Columbia, that he and his family were soon to be issued with deportation orders. Last week, however, the family received what Canadian media describe as “a partial reprieve”. Specifically, they were told that Lennikov’s wife, Irina, and son, Dmitri, will not be deported back to Russia. Lennikov, who spent five years working for the KGB in the 1980s, has been living in Canada with his wife and teenage son since 1992. Late last February, however, Canada’s Public Safety Ministry rejected Lennikov’s refugee claim and notified him that he “can be ordered deported from the country in as early as a few weeks”. Canadian authorities have refused to reveal the precise reason for the former KGB agent’s pending deportation. But in 2007, commenting on the case of former KGB Lieutenant-Colonel Givi Abramishvili, who was also deported from Canada, a government representative had said that “Canada […] is not a safe haven for those that may be a danger to national security”. Lennikov rejects accusations that he is a threat to Canada’s national security and has previously stated that he voluntarily revealed his KGB background to Canadian authorities. He has also said that, if sent back to Russia, he could face imprisonment for having revealed his KGB connection to a foreign government. Speaking earlier today, a Canadian Border Services Agency representative insisted that Agency officials are obligated by law to deport Lennikov “as soon as possible”.

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2 Responses to Ex-KGB officer’s wife, son, to remain in Canada

  1. L Luciuk says:

    No veterans of any communist secret police – NKVD, SMERSH or KGB – should be allowed to remain in Canada. They willingly served a regime that enslaved and murdered millions of innocents. Such people have no right to be in Canada, nor any right to appeal to us on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

    There is absolutely no evidence that this fellow was persecuted in the former USSR/Russian Federation in the years after he left the employ of the KGB and before he came to Canada, and no evidence at all that he would be persecuted if he returned.

    Expel him whence he came.

  2. james dure says:

    I just published an article about Russian made ‘suitcase bombs’ in NATO countries.
    The sources state that 200 were made and placed in America [and allied countries like canada].

    9-11 was a response to this threat allowing the USA into tactical positions close to Russia via moslem countries that surround it.

    It is relatively clear to those who follow intel developments that USA is very close to war with Russia. It is closing its borders with Canada becuse Canada cannot be trusted.

    This is clear from experience with bombers entering from Canada and from Canada’s lax attitude to guys like Lennikov.

    Its time for NATO to pull together and preapre for war. Expell any suspicious people like Lennikov quickely without delay.

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