International mercenary cell uncovered in Bolivia

Eduardo Flores

Eduardo Flores

Last month, the Bolivian government expelled a senior “diplomat” from the US embassy in La Paz, whom it accused of covertly supporting efforts to depose the country’s leftist president, Evo Morales. This past week, Bolivian authorities announced they had foiled operations by a major international anti-government mercenary group operating out of the city of Santa Cruz, a hotbed of anti-government activity in the country’s wealthy eastern provinces. Three of the unit’s members, a Bolivian of Croatian descent, an Irishman and a Romanian, were killed by Bolivian security forces; two others, a Hungarian and another Bolivian of Croatian descent, were captured and are now in custody. What were the plans of the covert unit, and who is behind it? Read article →

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5 Responses to International mercenary cell uncovered in Bolivia

  1. martinbrooke says:

    Evil Ayma kills another group of innocents, just like he did in Pando. Blames it on someone else, and claims another plot to kill him. Brown skinned dictators are so much more effective than white skinned ones. No one has the courage to criticize them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You know what? I dont believe a thing. I know Elod since I was child…

  3. anonymous says:

    The 3 young men, in my opinion, had no idea what dangerous people they were getting involved with. Apparently these young guys went there for a short time (the two killed and one jailed). Magyarosi went for a month and his passport was confiscated. His visa expired and he was stranded there, he expressed his wishes to his family of coming home …but he was unable.
    I am really curious about the outcome of the investigations. Elod Toaso will hopefully tell us the truth about what happened…. if they don’t “take care” of him before he can do so.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The “Bolivian of Croatian descent” mentioned above, Eduardo Rosza Flores, was a Bolivian of Hungarian descent, that received Croatian nationality for his service during the war in the former Yugoslavia in the early 90s.

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