Suspicious silence continues in case of missing Polish signals officer

When we at intelNews first took note of the mysterious disappearance of Stefan Zielonka, on May 7, we decided to delay posting information about the case until more news came our way. Sadly, it hasn’t. The case of the disappearance of Stefan Zielonka, senior signals officer with Polish military intelligence, remains as mysterious as it was on May 7. Zielonka’s colleagues at Poland’s Military Intelligence Services (SWW, formerly known as Military Information Services or WSI) became suspicious after he failed to return to work following a two-week sick leave. News outlets have since reported that Zielonka “was suffering from depression and had trouble both at home and at the office”. Investigators have not ruled out the possibility that the Polish signals officer was murdered by petty criminals or that he committed suicide. However, the Polish Ministry of National Defense has remained completely silent on the subject. What is certain is that Zielonka had “extensive knowledge of Polish agents working overseas, including their code names and contacts”. As a result, Polish military officials fear that, if Zielonka has defected, or has been kidnapped by foreign intelligence agents, “much of the country’s intelligence network could be compromised”. Several Polish and Western intelligence observers speculate that Zielonka may have walked into the Russian Embassy in Warsaw. Watch this space for more information as it emerges.

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2 Responses to Suspicious silence continues in case of missing Polish signals officer

  1. peck says:

    Currently, Polish military intelligence service is called Military Intelligence Service (SWW). Postcommunist Military Information Services (WSI) haven’t exist since 2006. Zielonka was ofiicer in WSI, but he wasn’t verified (like many his colleagues from WSI) in a new institution, created in place WSI.

  2. intelNews says:

    Correction made. Thanks for the tip. [JF]

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