New clues in case of missing Polish intelligence officer

Stefan Zielonka

Stefan Zielonka

Last month we reported on the mysterious case of Stefan Zielonka, a senior signals officer with Poland’s Military Intelligence Services (SWW), who disappeared without trace in early May. We then stated as “certain” that Zielonka had “extensive knowledge of Polish agents working overseas, including their code names and contacts”. This is now slowly being confirmed by a number of Polish news outlets, who are coming to the realization that Zielonka’s job description at SWW far exceeded those of a typical SIGINT (signals intelligence) officer. Specifically, Polish newspaper Dziennik appears to have confirmed that the missing officer trained illegals –that is, elite Polish spies operating abroad independently of embassies and thus without diplomatic immunity. Zielonka thus “knows their faces, identities and countries where they have been sent to”. Meanwhile, Zielonka’s wife, who also works for the Polish military, and child have also gone missing. Observers are saying that the Zielonka family disappearance may turn out to be Poland’s largest intelligence calamity in the post-communist era. IntelNews is hearing from knowledgeable individuals that that Zielonka may have actually walked into a foreign embassy in Warsaw.

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