Dutch spy service sued for raiding journalist’s home

van der Graaf

van der Graaf

By JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | intelNews.org |
Holland’s General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) has been sued by the country’s largest newspaper for bugging telephones belonging to its journalists and editors and for raiding the house of a reporter. Last June, the home of Jolande van der Graaf, who works for De Telegraaf newspaper, was raided by security agents after she authored two investigative articles dealing with AIVD’s intelligence failures in the Iraq War. The raid followed the arrest of an AIVD worker and her partner, also an ex-AIVD agent, who allegedly leaked classified information to De Telegraaf. Following the raid, the newspaper discovered that the personal and work phones of van der Graff, as well as other De Telegraaf journalists and editors, including the paper’s chief editor, Sjuul Paradijs, were wiretapped by AIVD in the course of its investigation. The Netherlands Union of Journalists, which, along with the Netherlands Editors Association, has joined De Telegraaf’s court action, has said that the arrested AIVD workers were acting as whistleblowers who wished to bring AIVD’s wrongdoings to light for the benefit of the Dutch public. The Union has also requested that AIVD stops wiretapping journalists’ phones and that all material confiscated from the home of Jolande van der Graaf be promptly returned to her.

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