Analysis: The Downward Spiral in US-Pakistan Intelligence Relations

Pragati magazine


For decades, US geopolitical interests in southern Asia have centered on controlling the Indian Ocean, with its lucrative energy transport routes to and from Japan and China. The events of 9/11, however, in association with nuclear weapons proliferation and the rise of al-Qaeda, have immensely complicated US regional goals. This newfound complexity has created severe tensions between Washington and Islamabad, which are most notable in their rapidly deteriorating intelligence relations. In recent months, the inter-agency conflict between the CIA and Pakistan’s security agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, has intensified to a stage of open war. I explain how this situation came about in a guest article for Pragati, the English-language review of Southeast Asian international relations published in India. The article is available here. In fact, for those looking for informed views on Central and Southeast Asian diplomacy and security issues, it is worth downloading (.pdf) the entire latest issue of this very professional publication.

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One Response to Analysis: The Downward Spiral in US-Pakistan Intelligence Relations

  1. ISI and RAW just follow order in Yugoslavia,after NATO give sign,after Mujaheedin inside Yugoslavia;and succes bring President Serbia in judge under law dutch responsibilty,ISI and RAW have good analyse for every type they work;more like SIS(special Intellegent Service),because that many investigation to ISI;they suport money and information,because they act near Gladio attack;if coreletion RAW call brain every action in Midle east,and south asia;- even in Gibraltar ops;or CANVAS with other name NED,IRI ,NDI;this 3 organitation have resposibility under Hillary Clinton departement;make sense after Hillary Clinton give fact on senate:;Hillary Clinton We Created AlQaeda the group spreading terror thought out syria today;and the all fact like John Kiriakou;the truth is under surveylance all Pakistan News and India News;and answer by George Galloway in You tube:Gorge Galloway vs Dog

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