News you may have missed #0290 (al-Mabhouh assassination edition #1)

  • Al-Mabhouh assassination done by amateurs, says ex-Mossad agent. Rami Igra, a former high-ranking Mossad official said that Israel could not have been involved in the assassination of Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, because it was so unprofessionally carried out.
  • Fatah spies also involved in al-Mabhouh assassination. IntelNews pointed out a few days ago that at least two Palestinians were possibly connected with the plot to kill Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. Three have now been formally indicted, one of whom, Ahmad Hasnin, is a Fatah intelligence operative.
  • US link to al-Mabhouh assassination? Authorities in the United Arab Emirates are probing five US-issued credit-card accounts, which officials say were used by five of the 11 suspects in the killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. The credit cards, issued by a US-based financial institution, were used to buy travel-related items, such as plane tickets, connected to the alleged assassination operation.

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6 Responses to News you may have missed #0290 (al-Mabhouh assassination edition #1)

  1. I have plenty to say about this! Where is Al-Qaeda , Hezbollah,Taliban, anytime, when Israel is always Blamed for any kind of Muslim Attack? With Iran and Al-Qaeda’s Head in the Noose, when did they get the Opportunity to Claim anything prior to Investigation? They have done this over and over, and over again. The Terrorist Society [Network]has been doing this since Arafat was The First PLO Leader. Now I guess they will Attempt to make a Forgery out of a Badly Failed to cover their Butts, attempt to Make Israel look like the Guilty Party, before the Trial is even attempted, or the Investigation is Complete. How long was the C.I.A. Penetration going on before Al-Qaeda Blew Up the Afghan Base and Killed the 7 Operators there? Or How many times did the Taliban kill and Bomb their own People to make The U.S. and N.A.T.O. Forces look Bad? Or how many Times did the Hamas and Palestinian Forces Blow up and Shoot or Kill Palestinians and use them for Body-shields before they were Exposed? Lebanon is Going to have a lot to say about this too. For They were invaded by Hezbollah and may still have them there. Why is it that The Truth is always Hidden when something is so easy to Understand? Is it the Lie? The Terrorists are so Obvious that theysaid they are pulling out all stops, and this one is no exception. They over did this one, by making Israel and The West look so Obvious. That it will surely be a Disaster to Find that these Terrorists are behind this and They will have to eat their Own Crow again. The Lie has no Power and The Liars are These same Terrorists whom are Fatefully Designed to Fail, the Ultimate Test, of God’s Plan for The Human Race, and That is Survival. The End is Their Choice to Commit to Suicide and this is their Intelligence Suicide as I see it. They have not much to learn for they[Terrorists] don’t have a lot to go on either. They started a Fire that is Consuming them very Fast.

  2. If the I.D’s were forged why did they choose the European’s and why did they Connect them to The U.S. that is truly sloppy Intelligence. I believe they have Connected them to Israel so they could run their Psy-Ops Program and start a Psychological War Plan. They always do this to Increase the Fear tactics and shift the Blame from The Terrorists to Israel and The West. Al-Qaeda and Iranian Hezbollah are known to be Operating in The West Bank and the Gaza Strip as well as The Occupied Territories also. Thats no Lie.

  3. Chris says:

    @ Volunteeer Intelligence, sometimes things are made to look like someone else did them. But here are my questions, Who has a motive for killing this person and why? The use of Canadian passports and European passports have been used by Mossad frequently.
    Not to say ,some other group didn’t do it. Now, it’s the blame game. Israel is not going to admit to doing this. It doesn’t matter if it was sloppy job or not.

    The killing of the Morracan waiter in Lillenhammer Norway, was sloppy. They were looking for the Red Prince. A member or an organizer of Black September.
    There was a witness in a window, who observed the killing by the Mossad operatives, and obtained a tag number from the vehicle they (Mossad) used. Bottom line they killed the wrong guy.

    Then, in 1998, the attempted killing of then Hamas leader Khalid Meshal in Jordan. Mossad operatives in broad daylight, used poison drops in the attempted killing of Meshal. They were run down by Meshal’s bodyguard. They (Mossad operatives) were arrested.

    Also, the passports were not tied to the United States. It was the credit cards used that were allegedly tied to the US.

    Another thing, Hamas , Hizbollah rarely run operations out of the Weat Bank. Hamas runs operations out of Gaza and Hizbollah out of Lebanon. Plaestinian Islamic Jihad(PIJ) operates out of the West Bank.

  4. I truly believe you are right by the way the Crow Flies and thats a pretty good way.I was wondering if the Al-Qaeda Operators are capable of this kind of Operation? If so are they going to learn these tactics from The Mossad? If Al-Qaeda morph’s these kind of Intel Operations would they try to copy the Mossad or other Intel Operations? To make it look like others did it? That would be inline with the Possibility, but like you said The Mossad has a History of this too. I still haven’t heard anything about How the Jordanian Agent was aligned to Al-Qaeda other than a momentary Defector or a long time planner also. That Killed the C.I.A. Agents which is why I felt the Al-Qaeda may have penetrated the Intel services of The Israeli’s and made it look lie the Terrorists were the Kingpins of the Hit. Mossad surely had this on their Mind if they did it or maybe Al-Qaeda did too. Al-Qaeda even announced the Fact that they would do it too.

  5. Also I have read reports that Al-Qaeda had Operators in Palestinian Territory too. About a Year to 6 mo.s ago on a Homeland Security site. That would put the Plan of action inline with the Yemen and Jordanian Bomber if connected. We were supposedly there in That area to Secure it from Al-Qaeda, as the Hezbollah was running their Ops in New York in the U.N. Building they were ousted from. This was a Prelude to The Fort Hood Shootings and the Jordanian Bomber as well as the Detroit Bomber on the Air-plane too. I feel there is Corroboration between the Terrorists, as they have done in Afghanistan. We all know they have been Harboring The Bin Laden family in Iran too. It truly was the Assassination of Yassir Arafat that made the terrorists very angry too. This gives the Terrorists a Religious Alliance as well as Tactical and Intelligent alliances. Fighting for the same Victory. One falls they all F all. This would be a Pre-emptive threat to the West as well as to Israel. Which they struggled to pull off successfully. The Narco-Terrorist Operations are or may be the Keys to The Alliance too. Which run from U.S. to Africa from S. America and to Europe as well as S.E. Asia. For they are connected by The Drug Trade very much for their Money supply which is quickly drying up. The Bombing alliance may only be a Theory but may be their next Intelligence upgrade too.

  6. Chris says:

    If Yassir Arafat was assassinated, the US and Israel would still feel the effects from that today.
    The Islamic terrorist organizations would have been targeting Americans overseas and in the U.S. Also the secular Islamic terrorist groups would join the fight against Americans and Israelis.

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