News you may have missed #296

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One Response to News you may have missed #296

  1. Van says:

    From The Australian (newspaper):

    “IN 2004, it was an open secret in Canberra’s Middle Eastern community that Israeli agents were trying to obtain “clean” passports from countries such as Australia and New Zealand to be used by its spy agency, Mossad.

    Ali Kazak was the Palestinian representative to Australia at the time and he went public with his concerns, warning the Howard government that Mossad was trying to obtain Australian passport details fraudulently.

    Mr Downer said the warning was issued in the context of a series of botched operations involving Mossad agents travelling on fake passports.

    “My recollection is that over time we have raised this issue with the Israelis,” he said. “We have raised the issue of Israeli intelligence officers using foreign passports and that they should not consider using Australian passports.”

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