Senior Russian nuclear expert found dead in Malta

Alexander Pikayev

Alexander Pikayev

Authorities in Malta have reported the death of a senior Russian expert on nuclear disarmament, whose body was discovered in his holiday apartment. Dr. Alexander Pikayev, 48, was the director of the Department of Disarmament and Conflict Resolution at the Moscow-based Institute of World Economy and International Relations. His work on nuclear armaments policy is internationally recognized and he was among Russia’s most visible media commentators on issues relating to nuclear proliferation. But last Wednesday, Dr. Pikayev’s body was discovered lying on the floor of an apartment he owned in Bugibba, Malta, where he had been holidaying since earlier this month. The German Press Agency reports that the Russian scientist appeared to have “accidentally slipped” and hit his head on a door. It also reports that this hypothesis appears to be corroborated by “dent on a door” next to the body, as well as by the result of an initial autopsy, which concluded that Dr. Pikayev died of intracranial hemorrhage after fracturing his scull. But Maltese authorities, which were unaware of the dead man’s professional identity until last Saturday, refuse to comment on the investigation until the outcome of an official magisterial inquiry, which includes further forensic tests, becomes known.

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4 Responses to Senior Russian nuclear expert found dead in Malta

  1. John says:

    Accidentally slipped? This smells of a cover up.

  2. Coleman says:

    DITTO. If he is that smart, he can run not walk.

  3. Ana Paula says:

    There isn’t much information about this case, so we can only speculate about the causes of Dr. Alexander Pikayev death. Maybe was accidental, maybe foul play was involved. Who knows.

  4. Wade Nichols says:

    Sounds like they’d better call in Joe Don Baker for some Final Justice!

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