Germany refuses to drop Mossad prosecution, despite Israeli pressure

Uri Brodsky

"Uri Brodsky"

German-Israeli relations sunk to a new low this week, after the German government rejected Israel’s call to drop a public investigation into the actions of a suspected Israeli spy. The alleged spy, whose travel documents identify him as “Uri Brodsky”, was arrested upon arriving in Poland on June 4. He is wanted by German prosecutors, not for directly participating in the assassination by Israeli intelligence agency Mossad of senior Hamas weapons procurer Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, as had been previously reported, but for procuring a forged German passport for the assassins. “Brodsky” appears to have traveled under the cover name of “Alexander Verin” to Cologne, Germany, where he employed the services of a lawyer to acquire the forged passport. It was later used used by Israeli Mossad agents to travel to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where al-Mabhouh was assassinated. Since “Brodsky’s” arrest, Israeli authorities have been trying to stop the Polish government from extraditing him to Germany. They have also pressured the Germans to drop a public investigation into “Brodsky”, using a rarely employed law based on “overwhelming public interest”. But Berlin officials told German newsmagazine Der Spiegel that the government is “united in the belief that any investigation into ‘Uri Brodsky’ should be dealt with according to purely judicial considerations”. Meanwhile, on Sunday German cabinet ministers sharply criticized Israel for forbidding Germany’s minister for development, Dirk Niebel, to enter the Gaza Strip to inspect the progress of a German-funded humanitarian assistance program. The Israeli move prompted German minister of foreign affairs, Guido Westerwelle, to condemn it as “a big diplomatic mistake”. But a spokesman for Israel’s foreign affairs ministry said that Israel does “not allow senior politicians into Gaza because Hamas will manipulate such visits to gain legitimacy”.

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5 Responses to Germany refuses to drop Mossad prosecution, despite Israeli pressure

  1. Ana Paula says:

    All this “diplomatic mistakes” are undermining the trust in Israel. “Israel’s legitimacy as well as its deterrence are eroding”, writes Ari Shavit in the Haaretz – []

  2. Kim says:

    And he would be right. Israel is quickly becoming a country exiled from the community of nations. The end of the Labour Party is the end of Israel.

  3. Estland says:

    Given that Israel just signed accession papers with OECD I’d say it is chiefly increasing its integration into the community of nations.

  4. ABC says:

    I thoroughly enjoy this website, but I’m not sure that this phrase is accurate:

    “German-Israeli relations sunk to a new low this week…”

    I can think of a time when German-Israeli relations were much, much worse…

  5. When was the Last Time The Israeli’s toasted the Germans in an Inferno?

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