Germany launches probe into poisoning of ex-KGB colonel

KGB seal

KGB seal

An official government probe into the alleged poisoning of a Russian former KGB colonel and his wife has been launched in Berlin, German officials have announced. Regular intelNews visitors will recall the recent case of Viktor Kalashnikov, a former colonel and authority on military matters for the Soviet KGB, who was taken in critical condition to a Berlin hospital along with his wife, Marina. The two were found to have over ten times the highest permissible level of mercury in their blood, which, according to medical experts, points to a deliberate poisoning attempt. The case intrigued German officials, since the Kalashnikovs, who moved to Germany last September, are known in Russia as vocal critics of the Putin-Medvedev administration. The two have co-authored scathing critiques accusing Moscow of manipulating the separatist Chechen movement in order to create “a national security state” in Russia. The Kalashnikov case brought back memories of Alexander Litvinenko, another former KGB officer and vocal critic of the Russian government, who was assassinated in 2007 in London. The difference is that the Kalashnikovs survived the alleged assassination attempt. According to European media reports, Viktor has lost a significant amount of weight, while his wife is suffering from acute hair loss. Although both are under constant medical attention, Viktor managed to speak to German newsmagazine Focus, and said he is convinced that the Kremlin is responsible for his and his wife’s mercury poisoning. Stay tuned….

J. FITSANAKIS “German police probe poisoning of ex-KGB colonel” intelNews 14dec2010

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2 Responses to Germany launches probe into poisoning of ex-KGB colonel

  1. I would suggest that this is a simular method of operations of the former KGB and still in operation within the GRU. the method seems to be the targeting and assassinations of informants for foreign Governments that are bleeding the Russian Federation dry of secrets and technologies that are being secretly developed and compromised.THE U.S. and probably other Governments are working on securing these kinds of Intelligence to protect Our/their Governments from compromise as would the Russians themselves. The identity of these people will probably be kept a secret unless they are known to the Russians and they chose to compromise the operations of any Foreign Intelligence Operation. If we kknow anything it will probably not be made public.

  2. Sarah says:

    You could tie this to Boris Berezovsky, one of the russian oligarchs who paid for Boris Yeltsin’s reelection, then essentially robbed the country blind. It became necessary for Yeltsin to step down as it was apparent to the hoi polloi the oligarchs and Yeltsin’s daughter were running the country. They were privatizing the national assets, while stuffing their own pockets with the approval of western financial moguls and the Clinton Administration.
    A replacement had to be found.
    Berezovksy sponsored Putin’s candidacy and made the deals with the Chechen muslim extremists to bomb the apartment and make Putin appear like a strong, law and order man.
    Putin to his credit, loves his fatherland and turned on the globalist oligarchs who displayed no love of country. He strengthened the central government and weakened the power of the bought off governors. I read that it was his belief that without a middle class there coud be no democracy. He had to overcome the feudalist power of the oligarchy.

    So they hate him.

    Then Putin went after the lower level Chechen muslim extremists, so they hate him too.
    The Chechen leaders in exile corroborate this account.

    As for the Litvenenko death, , Mario Scaramelli who has connections to Berezovsky.

    The last person to meet Alexander Litvinenko before he succumbed to the agonising effects of radioactive poisoning is a self-professed expert in nuclear materials.

    Do minimal research on Scaramelli and you can see that much was brushed under the rug. Especially concerning his video recording of Litvinenko and the fingering of Putin in the school bombing – his source, the Russian head of the FSB which was killed shortly afterward, before the story could be corroborated but then turned out never to have part of the FSB or KGB. The video hadn’t been released so the russians didn’t kill him.

    What I find ridiculous is that if Putin wanted to assassinate someone, I’m sure he could do it in a professional manner. He has the resources. This looks amateur and like another setup. I think Litvinenko’s death could be solved but the leaders in the UK, Israel, and the US would rather take the protection money from the oligarchs and point fingers.

    See the comments here in this article which have many links.
    It’s funny how these things become clearer as time passes and facts work their way out of the ether. Putin looks great, not like the thug they tried to portray him as. If we only had a leader that would be willing to take on the bankers. ..

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