Did Jordan help Israeli Mossad abduct Gaza engineer?

Dirar Abu Sissi

Dirar Abu Sissi

By JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | intelNews.org |
This blog has covered the case of Dirar Abu Sissi, a Jordanian-born engineer in the Gaza strip who was abducted in the Ukraine by Israeli spy agency Mossad on February 19. Sissi had traveled to Ukraine, birthplace of his wife, to apply for citizenship in the Eastern European country. But he disappeared in the early hours of February 19, shortly after boarding a train from Kharkiv to Kiev, in order to reunite with this brother, a Dutch national, whom he had not seen since 1997. His disappearance remained a mystery until the United Nations High Commission for Refugees told the Associated Press that Sissi had been kidnapped by Israeli operatives and had been secretly transported to a prison in Israel. His whereabouts were later confirmed in a report by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza. But some observers now suspect that the Israelis did not act alone during the abduction operation. Dirar’s brother, Yousef Abu Sissi, has spoken to American journalist Richard Silverstein about his brother’s trip from the Gaza Strip to Ukraine, prior to his abduction. He told Silverstein that Dirar’s trip involved an initial flight from Egypt to Jordan. It was there, according to Dirar’s brother, that the Gaza resident was detained by Jordanian intelligence. The latter confiscated his passport, refused to allow him to board his flight to Ukraine, and held him at the airport through the night. They then forced him to remain in Amman for six days, during which he was required to report daily to a “Jordanian intelligence office”. On the sixth day he was allowed to board a flight for Ukraine, but only under the watchful eye of Jordanian intelligence officers. He reportedly told his brother that he felt he was being closely monitored. Sissi’s Ukrainian wife, Veronika, has held several press conferences to raise awareness about her husband’s abduction and rendition to Israel. But Silverstein reports that Ukrainian officials and Fatah-appointed Palestinian diplomats in Ukraine have refused to comment on the case.

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One Response to Did Jordan help Israeli Mossad abduct Gaza engineer?

  1. nilewatch says:

    Jordanian intelligence may be the best in the Arab world. I feel terribly bad for Abu Sisi’s six small children.

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