New Gaza flotilla organizers accuse Mossad of sabotaging ships

Gaza Freedom Flotilla raid

2010 Flotilla raid

International organizers of a new fleet of ships that is preparing to sail for the Gaza strip, in a bid to challenge the Israeli embargo, have accused Israeli intelligence services of secretly sabotaging two of the vessels. The first announcement emerged on Tuesday from the crew of the Juliano, a Swedish/Norwegian ship harbored in Piraeus, Greece. The organizers, who said that their technicians had documented the results of the sabotage on video, claimed in a statement that “hostile divers had destroyed the [ship’s] propeller house and cut the propeller shaft”. A day later, Irish organizers onboard the MV Saoirse, which is currently docked in Turkey, told Reuters that the vessel experienced major technical damage as it was sailing for refueling to the harbor town of Göcek. The ship was eventually inspected by a marine engineer, who confirmed that it had been sabotaged. Speaking to Irish media, former Irish rugby international Paul Trevor Hogan, who is one of the activists onboard the MV Saoirse, said the damage was “identical [to that of] the Swedish boat and you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out who is behind this”. Another member of the ship’s crew, Irish Member of the European Parliament Paul Murphy, called on the government in Dublin to expel the Israeli ambassador to the country. The Gaza Freedom Flotilla II is now down to nine from the original 15 ships. The remaining ships are expected to sail for the Gaza strip in the coming hours from harbors in Greece, France, Spain and Italy. They are carrying over 350 activists from 22 countries, including several Western citizens, several dozen Americans and Israelis.  The first Gaza Freedom Flotilla, which sailed for Palestine a little over a year ago, was attacked in international waters by Israeli special forces, who killed nine activists onboard one of the ships, including one American. Two of the Flotilla I ships had also been sabotaged prior to sailing for Gaza.

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2 Responses to New Gaza flotilla organizers accuse Mossad of sabotaging ships

  1. everest2002 says:

    The correct name of the Irish rugby player is Trevor, not Paul (Crocodile Dundee……;-)

  2. intelNews says:

    Corrected. Thanks for catching this. [JF]

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