News you may have missed #557 (‘CIA getting away with stuff’ edition)



►►Judge dismisses CIA mind-control lawsuit. A court has dismissed a federal lawsuit against the CIA by the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) for allegedly subjecting US military personnel to chemical, biological and mind control experiments from 1953 until 1976. According to the presiding judge, the veterans can’t sue the CIA because they can’t prove they took “secrecy oaths” administered by the Agency. But the lawsuit continues to apply against the US Department of Defense and other government entities and individuals.
►►Judge absolves CIA for destroying torture tapes. In 2007, the US Justice Department began an investigation into the destruction by the CIA of videotapes, which reportedly showed acts of torture committed during interrogations of terrorism detainees. It concluded that the CIA destroyed the tapes on purpose, after it was instructed to deliver them to the DoJ for examination. But, in a move that hardly surprised observers, a judge on Monday ruled that the CIA did not act in contempt when it destroyed videotapes.
►►Norway quietly drops US spy activities investigation. Back in November of 2010, Norway, Sweden and Denmark launched official investigations into media reports that accused US embassies in their countries of operating illegal intelligence-gathering networks. The issue first emerged when a report by Norway’s TV2 channel alleged that the US embassy in Oslo maintained a network of around 20 local former police and intelligence officers, who were conducting “illegal systematic surveillance of Norwegian citizens”. Since then, not much has seen the light of day. And now Norway’s Prosecuting Authority says the matter “has been dropped”.

2 Responses to News you may have missed #557 (‘CIA getting away with stuff’ edition)

  1. AlbertE. says:

    This sounds like more silly MK ULTRA stuff. NOT so much mind control as an attempt to find a solution to the interrogation problem, what it was called.

    Make a person who does not want to talk – – talk! And know that when that person is talking, they are speaking the truth and not telling you a fabrication or a lie.

    The single best way to get a man to talk, so it was found, and know that man is telling the truth, is prostitute – – coached. Men like to impress women with what big shots they are. And willing to tell secrets to impress!

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