News you may have missed #577

Waihopai base

Waihopai base

►►Interview with Michael Hayden. The former director of the CIA and the NSA gave a lengthy interview in preparation for his keynote speech at the Raleigh Spy Conference. Among other things, he says that he does “not immediately conclude that senior levels of the Pakistani government knew about” Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts.
►►CIA denies helping police spy on NY Muslims. The Central Intelligence Agency is denying a news report that it helped the New York Police Department conduct covert surveillance on Muslims. The agency said suggestions that it engaged in domestic spying were “simply wrong” and that the report “mischaracterized the nature and scope” of the CIA’s support for the New York police.
►►Spy base reservoir not a pool after all... A journalist at New Zealand’s Marlborough Express newspaper noticed what looked suspiciously like a swimming pool on a satellite photo (pictured) of the super-secret Waihopai listening base near Blenheim. Do spies go swimming on the base, he asked? It turns out they don’t. According to Government Communications Security Bureau Waihopai station chief Chris Farrow, the landmark is in fact a water reservoir, to be used in case of fire.

2 Responses to News you may have missed #577

  1. AlbertE. says:

    “Spy base reservoir not a pool after all..” This super-secret spy base is not such a super-secret after all, is it? And this business about the swimming pool, so called is just nonsense. This person making the comment is not concerned that a swimming pool may be on the premises. He just does not like the idea of NZ having a “super-secret” spy base, also so called!! Just a gadfly making an issue where there is no issue. But HE DID get a response, didn’t he?

  2. AlbertE. says:

    CIA can work 25 miles within the U.S. Has always been able to. NYC is 25 miles within the U.S. And this “spy agency” NYC has is staffed with a lot of ex-CIA? I think so. CIA has a NYC station, of which the late Harry Rozitske was station chief. An issue as usual is being made where there is no issue. As usual. Gadflies.

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