News you may have missed #802 (Jeffrey Paul Delisle edition)

Jeffrey Paul DelisleBy IAN ALLEN | |
►►New information released on Canadian spy case. Newly released information from Canadian naval officer Jeffrey Paul Delisle‘s bail hearing in January reveals that, facing chronic financial difficulties, Delisle began a four-year espionage career by walking into the Russian Embassy in Ottawa in 2007. Wearing civilian clothes, Delisle displayed his Canadian military identification badge and asked to meet someone from GRU, the Russian military intelligence service. Canadian prosecutors said Delisle regularly downloaded a ”vast amount” of classified information to share with his Russian handlers.
►►Canada spy had escape plan. Canadian naval officer Jeffrey Paul Delisle told a Canadian court that he had an escape plan in place —one he never got a chance to use. If he needed to seek refuge or re-establish contact with the Russians, for whom he spied for over four years, he was told he could walk into a Russian embassy —preferably not the one in Ottawa— and inform them he was “Alex Campbell”. The Russians would then ask him “did I meet you at a junk show in Austria?”, and he was supposed to reply “no, it was in Ottawa”.
►►Canada spy accessed Australia intelligence. This is not exactly news for intelNews readers, since we have covered it before, but it appears that Jeffrey Paul Delisle has openly admitted selling highly classified intelligence gathered by the United States, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia to Russian agents. He said he had access to signals intelligence produced by the US National Security Agency, Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters, Canada’s Communications Security Establishment, Australia’s Defence Signals and New Zealand’s Government Communications Security Bureau.

5 Responses to News you may have missed #802 (Jeffrey Paul Delisle edition)

  1. TFH says:

    Espionage is probably the only crime that can be viewed as the most serious crime in one country and an act of heroism in another (or at least very far from being a crime). But it is also a deal with the devil as shown by the threat to this agents daughter, how very tacky and unsubtle! A total shot in the leg by those handling it, how do they hope to get future spy’s, are they aiming for someone without family or children, that someone would be a triple agent.

  2. TFH says:

    Second thought, what better place for propaganda than in court transcripts! Russians have been around the spying game for to long not to know how counterproductive it would be for future recruits of opposing intelligence agency to know that their family would be at threat should they opt in and then out in future. Major cause to pause and think, something they do not want.
    Unless the information he gave was so important they would ignore that and go on threatening his daughter.
    By the way I do not think western agencies are below such measures, but I think they are more subtle and generally kill the asset before he or she lets know how s/he was blackmailed.

  3. TFH says:

    Sorry, please correct this, should be “… think western agencies are above such measures” ….

  4. marco says:

    That’s a pretty fancy escape plan… walking into any Russian embassy and saying the secret password. Is Man from U.N.C.L.E standard GRU training material?

  5. TFH says:

    “By the way I do not think western agencies are below such measures, but I think they are more subtle and generally kill the asset before he or she lets know how s/he was blackmailed.”

    To clarify, I think some agencies have got it down to a fine art, how to make someone kill themselves, nothing new about that tactic though. David Kelly is a good example.

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