Afghan intelligence officials ‘missing’ in the United States

Alibaba GhasheeBy IAN ALLEN | |
On November 2, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced that two highly trained Afghan intelligence officers had gone missing in the United States. IntelNews hears that American authorities are still looking for the two Afghans, who seem to have disappeared without trace. The two missing officers work for Afghanistan’s main domestic intelligence agency, the National Security Directorate (NDS), which was founded following the 2001 US invasion of Afghanistan and is mostly funded by Washington. The missing officers are Captain Alibaba Ghashee (pictured), Deputy Director of the NDS’ American and European Department, and Major Mohd Farooq Ghanizada, who directs agency’s Counterterrorism and Organized Crime Department. Both offices disappeared while in Washington, DC, for a high-level executive training program run jointly by the American and German governments. The 10-week intensive course, taught as part of the George C. Marshall Center Advanced Security Studies program, trains elite members of security and intelligence agencies from NATO member-states and other Western-allied countries. Although headquartered in Germany, the program involves a trip to Washington, DC, where participants are briefed by officials from —among other agencies— the FBI and the Defense Intelligence Agency. The two Afghans were supposed to meet their American government escorts on October 22 in downtown Washington, before heading to the airport for their return flight to Afghanistan. However, they never appeared, nor did they show up for their flight at Washington Dulles International Airport. CBS News, which reported the story on November 2, said some FBI agents are extremely concerned knowing that “two highly trained Afghan intelligence officials [are] possibly hiding on US soil”, especially in light of sustained Taliban infiltration of Afghan security and intelligence bodies. On the other hand, the two Afghans are said to have undergone a detailed background investigation as part of the vetting process for joining the ten-week course, which showed “no sign of anything unusual”. An unnamed US law enforcement official told CBS that the two Afghan intelligence officers are probably seeking a way to remain in North America, and may be heading to Canada, “where asylum rules are fairly liberal”.

4 Responses to Afghan intelligence officials ‘missing’ in the United States

  1. Kidd says:

    whatever they did, this was well thought out and had some sort of contact with local bros. the gcm center has a fine facebook page.

  2. rose says:

    so how does this tie in w/Petraeus? hmmm. something to investigate here. oops, there are no investigatvie journalists in America. We need Watergate type investigators but likely will never see them.

  3. Joseph says:

    “Some critics believe that this story (Alibaba and Forty Thieves) was added to One Thousand and One Nights by one of its European translators, Antoine Galland, an 18th-century French orientalist who may have heard it in oral form from a Middle Eastern story-teller from Aleppo, in modern day Syria (source Wikipedia)”.
    Whoever is replacing Gen. Petraeus should follow that French/Syrian lead to find our missing

  4. Joseph says:

    On a more sober note – US and British soldiers are being killed daily from Afghan military „friendly fire“, and now these highly trained officials are wondering on US soil. We should hope that someone checked their diplomatic bags on entering US or that this is just another exam in their advanced training – objective -how to disappear on US soil!

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