New information emerges on Hezbollah commander’s assassination

Imad MughniyahBy JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | |
A Lebanese newspaper has published the most detailed account to date of the 2008 assassination of Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyah. The car explosion that killed Mughniyah in Syrian capital Damascus on February 12, 2008, is widely believed to have been the work of the Mossad, Israel’s foremost covert-action agency. Mughniyah was among the founders of Hezbollah, the Shiite militant group that controls large parts of southern Lebanon. At the time of his assassination, Mughniyah headed the Hezbollah’s security apparatus and was among the organization’s most senior intelligence officials. On Tuesday, Arabic-language newspaper al-Akhbar , which is based in Lebanese capital Beirut and is informally affiliated with Hezbollah, published a detailed article that reads like an unclassified version of the militant group’s internal investigation into Mughniyah’s killing. The article claims that “Hezbollah is absolutely positive that Israel was behind […] the operation from A to Z”. It says that Mughniyah’s assassins “were not Syrian citizens”, but rather entered Syria from abroad and stayed there six weeks while planning and executing the assassination operation. The article also claims that the Mossad recruited a Syrian expatriate, who visited Damascus on a regular basis in order to provide logistical support for the operation. This included renting a villa in the outskirts of Damascus and purchasing at least three vehicles to be used in the operation. The al-Akhbar report states that Mugniyah was killed at 10:25 p.m., as he was leaving an organizational meeting with leaders of the Palestinian group Hamas in the Kfar Suseh neighborhood of Damascus. As the Hezbollah commander approached his car, another car parked nearby, a 2006 Mitsubishi Pajero, exploded killing him instantly. This differs from accounts that emerged shortly after Mughniyah’s assassination, which claimed that the Hezbollah strongman had been killed by explosives planted inside the headrest of his car’s driver’s seat. Al-Akhbar claims that the Mossad team that killed Mugniyah was able to monitor the operation from inside a nearby building that was under construction at the time. The paper’s report concludes that Hezbollah’s mistake was treating Syria as “one of the safest places” for its commanders, and presuming that Israel would not target Syria with direct operations.

2 Responses to New information emerges on Hezbollah commander’s assassination

  1. Zen says:

    Hogwash, BS, and pure fabrications for the gullible… It was done at the time, PRECISELY as a quid pro quo…insinuated by the Western/Israeli thugs upon Syria’s mafia, in order to alleviate the accusation of STL against Syria in the Hariri assassination file…and that is precisely what happened next… STL stopped accusing Syria after the Assassination of IMAD…and started accusing the Resistance… ASSEF SHAWKAT is the one who was responsible for this operation, from A to Z. Assef was the liaison with CIA for well over a decade and the timing is definitely related to the 2006 war and STL…combined…
    Hezbollah believes that Syria was responsible for the liquidation of Imad F. Mughniyah…
    Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Lebanon Abdel Aziz Khoja has informed U.S. diplomats in Beirut that Hizbullah believed the Syrians were responsible for Imad Mughniyeh’s assassination in Damascus, according to a leaked cable…
    No Syrian official was present at Mughniyeh’s funeral in Beirut’s southern suburbs the following day. Khoja said Iran was represented by its foreign minister who had come to calm down Hizbullah and keep it from taking action against Syria…
    The Al-Akhbar story line is utter and complete Bull Shit, designed to foster better relations for Geo-strategic aims…pure and simple, Hezbollah did bite the bullet…

  2. The Mossad get blamed for the majority of assassinations but there are groups very capable who are aligned to western intelligence agencies in Damascus, it was an easy operation they only needed a location and some explosives and a car the location was known by quite a few.people.

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