News you may have missed #828

Abdullah ÖcalanBy IAN ALLEN | |
Chinese researcher charged with stealing US drug. Chinese cancer researcher Huajun Zhao, 42, who has been working in the United States since 2006, has been charged with stealing data and an experimental compound from the Medical College of Wisconsin. The federal complaint accuses Zhao of stealing the compound, C-25, which could potentially assist in killing cancer cells without damaging normal cells. An FBI investigation turned up evidence that Zhao hoped to claim credit in China for discovering C-25. He had already claimed on a research website that he had discovered an unnamed compound he hoped to take to China.
Turkish intelligence to ‘oversee PKK retreat’. Turkey’s National Intelligence Agency, MİT, will oversee the withdrawal of Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants, according to Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister, Bülent Arınç. Last month, Abdullah Öcalan, the leader of the armed Kurdish group that has battled Turkey for 30 years, proclaimed an immediate ceasefire in PKK’s conflict with the Turkish state, which has claimed about 35,000 lives. Speaking on Turkey’s state-run broadcaster, TRT, Arınç said no legislation would be introduced to facilitate the withdrawal, but “certainly MİT will oversee it; security forces will take part in it, too”, he added.
Analysis: Controversial Bush programs continue under Obama. During the George W. Bush years, two of the most controversial elements of what was then called the Global War on Terrorism were the CIA’s rendition, detention and interrogation (RDI) program and the creation of the prison camps at Guantanamo Bay. Guantanamo Bay and the RDI program are both back in the news now, each for their own unsavory reasons. The Pentagon is requesting nearly $200 million for Guantanamo Bay infrastructure upgrades, including $49 million for a new unit for ‘special’ prisoners. Meanwhile, participation in the CIA’s controversial RDI program has resulted —for at least one person— not in prosecution or professional sanctions, but rather in a promotion.

One Response to News you may have missed #828

  1. Huajun Zhao says:

    1. No reliance can be placed on MCW’s evidence.
    (1) On February 22, 2013, I was summoned to a meeting with the 76-year-old full professor MA and MCW officials because of my lengthy absence. They set a schedule for me to finish my first authored manuscript about C25 before March 15, 2013. Sometime that same day, MA misplaced three pill bottle sized container s of C25. On February 25, 2013, MCW officials sent an email to MCW employees reporting that MA had misplaced the bottles of C-25, indicating that MA believed he had left the pill bottles in a conference room. But later MA told MCW security that he put the compound in his office. Such a typical circumvention!
    (2) MA thought that C-25 would be damaged because I stored it at below zero for long-term storage. Such a funny joke!
    (3) I posted a question for troubleshooting on researchgate, “We (I) found a novel compound……”, MA thought I offended his trade secret about C-25. So funny!
    (4) I didn’t apply for any Chinese fund about C-25.
    (5) There was no evidence that MCW had a patent of C-25. And also, MA didn’t apply for any grant of C-25.Just a big liar!
    2. Substantially, MCW and MA attempted to deprive me of my credit and contribution.
    (1) February 27, 2013, MCW officials took my personal laptop and external drive and other personal property from me without my willingness and I was suspended. On the evening of that same day, I thought that MCW officials’ action was illegal and was afraid of losing my own data including MA lab’s and my former lab’s. Also, Somebody told me that my laptop was still on my desk. So, I returned the lab. But I found that my personal property was gone, later, I found a flash drive to make a copy from my lab computer to protect my own data. This is so-called “ accessing information without authorization from a protected computer”. Have to do like this for being released.
    (2) All research data was produced by myself. What I deleted was a old copy of my experimental data from my lab computer. So called “MCOW computer” and “protected computer” were my lab computer.
    3. On April 1,2013, I appeared again before Magistrate Judge Gorence and was ordered detained based on the risk of flight. No bail!
    4. And also, in the first two weeks, jail officials deprived me of my correspondence right.
    5. “There is no evidence that the defendant was attempting to commit fraud or to profit from his conduct in this case. Nor is there any evidence demonstrating that the defendant intended to cause any loss to the victim or to anyone else. It appears that the defendant was trying to protect data which he helped compile relating to cancer research. “ from Judge Charles N. Clevert.

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