War alone will not defeat Islamists, says US ex-military intel chief

Lieutenant General Michael FlynnBy IAN ALLEN | intelNews.org
The former chief of military intelligence in the United States has warned that military force cannot defeat Islamic-inspired militancy without a broader strategic plan. Lieutenant General Michael Flynn led the US Defense Intelligence Agency from July 2012 until August of this year, serving essentially as the most senior intelligence official in the US Armed Forces. He stepped down amidst rumors that he had been asked to resign because his plans to modernize military intelligence operations were “disruptive”. On Wednesday, while addressing the annual Maneuver Conference at the US Army’s Maneuver Center of Excellence in Fort Benning, Georgia, General Flynn addressed the issue of Sunni militancy and how to counter groups like the Islamic State. Responding to a question from the audience, the former DIA director said “what this audience wants [to hear] is ‘kill ’em all, let God sort ’em out, get the T-shirt [and] go down to Ranger Joe’s” (a military clothing retailer). And he added: “we can kill all day long, but until we understand why there are [such large] numbers of [fundamentalist] believers globally, [groups like the Islamic State] will not be defeated”. Flynn went on to say that America is losing initiative in the war of ideas with Islamic radicalism, as the latter is spreading rapidly across the world, especially in regions such as Africa and South Asia. Responding to another question from the audience, the former DIA director dismissed the view that there is an ideological split between al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, saying: “there is no tension; they hate us equally; it is an expansion”. Last month, Flynn gave an interview in which he said the international environment was “is the most uncertain, chaotic and confused” he had witnessed in his three-decade career. He also warned that the world had entered “a period of prolonged societal conflict that is pretty unprecedented”, in which the rise of Islamist fundamentalism is but one parameter. In referring to the latter, the former intelligence official noted that, in 2004 there 21 Islam-inspired terrorist groups in 18 countries, while today there are 41 groups in 24 countries. These groups, he said, have “for years been developing connective tissue to each other and back to al-Qaeda senior leadership in Pakistan’s tribal regions”, and added that merely killing the leaders of these organizations had proven to be “a failed strategy”.

2 Responses to War alone will not defeat Islamists, says US ex-military intel chief

  1. The new US plan to fight the Islamic State is late and incomplete without ground forces. Many saw the ISIS threat coming.

  2. cvetko says:

    This said upper is very truth…when the war will be over (and enemy IS will be defeated) you need to make the institution work again and life to be going on…so you need political strategy for the question who will run the state and whether all factor will be included in…for Iraq you made the strategy on the paper but the question is whether it will work on the ground but for the Syria US doesnt even have a strategy…what will happen to Bashar Assad regime???are FSA capable for running the state???

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