Sophistication of Hamas official’s killing points to Mossad, say sources

Mazen FaqhaThe sophistication behind the killing of a senior Hamas official, who was assassinated in his home in the Gaza Strip on Friday evening, points almost certainly to Israel, according to observers. Mazen Faqha, 38, helped plan several lethal operations by the Palestinian militant group, including a 2002 suicide bombing that killed nine and wounded over 50. Following an extensive manhunt, Israeli authorities arrested Faqha in the West Bank and in 2003 convicted him to nine life sentences. But in 2011, Faqha was among 1,027 Palestinian and Arab-Israeli prisoners that Israel released in exchange for Gilad Shalit, a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, who was held prisoner by Hamas. Since that time, Faqha had lived in the Gaza Strip, the Hamas-controlled Palestinian enclave that has been under strict Israeli blockade since 2006.

Last Friday, March 24, Faqha was found dead inside the garage of his apartment block in Tel el-Hawa, a densely populated neighborhood in southwestern Gaza City. Initial reports stated that the Hamas official had been shot dead by a team of assailants outside his home. But subsequent accounts revealed that several gunmen were waiting for Faqha inside the car garage located on the bottom floor of the building that houses his apartment. It now appears that the assailants had been hiding in the garage for several hours before Faqha entered it with his car. Minutes earlier, his wife and young daughter had exited the car and made their way to the front door of their apartment. As soon as Faqha drove his car to the garage and closed the garage’s electric door, the gunmen shot him four times in the head from point-blank range and vanished. There was hardly a sound, because the assailants used weapons equipped with silencers. Faqha’s body was not discovered until 7:30 in the evening, a full 90 minutes after he was shot dead. His wife apparently thought that he was talking to their neighbors.

Investigators who are looking into Faqha’s murder say that his killers were intimately familiar with the architectural details of the apartment building where he lived, and had studied his daily routine. They also made sure to leave no traces behind. Consequently, their identity remains a mystery despite the presence of security cameras around the building. Hamas security officials say they believe that Faqha’s killers entered and exited the Gaza Strip by boat. The Palestinian militant group lost little time in blaming the murder on the Mossad, Israel’s primary external intelligence agency, which has targeted several Hamas officials for assassination in the past. Khalil al-Haya, Hamas’ second-in-command in the Gaza Strip said that Israel was the only beneficiary of Faqha’s demise. Khaled Mashal, who chairs Hamas’ Political Bureau, said Israel had “changed the rules of the game” by killing Faqha, adding that Hamas would “accept the challenge”. There has been no official comment from Israel in regards to Faqha’s killing.

Author: Joseph Fitsanakis | Date: 28 March 2017 | Permalink | Research credit: SF

4 Responses to Sophistication of Hamas official’s killing points to Mossad, say sources

  1. JenniferAmI says:

    There is quite a bit of hatred between Islamic Hamas and al-Qaeda\ISIS Islamic groups.

    al-Qaeda\ISIS Islamic groups want immediate Sharia law while Hamas implements it’s religious intolerance more slowly.

    al-Qaeda\ISIS Islamic groups want to help their friends in the Sinai against the Egyptian government while Hamas has been pacifying Egypt by not openly supporting al-Qaeda\ISIS Islamic groups in this quest.

    al-Qaeda\ISIS Islamic groups want continuously attacks against Israel while Hamas is afraid it will lose power if there is another war with Israel.

    >>As soon as Faqha drove his car to the garage
    >>and closed the garage’s electric door,
    While Hamas has lets much of Gaza live in poverty, some people still living in squalor since the last war with Israel, having a garage never mind with an electric door, has bred much contempt against Hamas by some of the Gaza people.

    >>There was hardly a sound, because the assailants used
    >>weapons equipped with silencers.
    While silencers do reduce gun noise quite a bit, there is still considerable noise from the firing of a gun. Most people watch TV and think that there is no noise but there is much more than just a puff.

  2. Frederick1337 says:

    I am not so convinced it was a Mossad operation. First off, why wouldn’t the I.D.F. just come and arrest him, or bomb his car from a drone etc. as they have done in the past?

    Secondly, there is a great possibility that a terrorist group might target him and others in Hamas if they were refusing to operate a terrorist cell. This might be an attempted strategy to replace people and at the same time act as a propaganda effort in order to blame Israel.

  3. muzira andrew says:

    If the security cameras didn’t capture footage of the entry,execution and exit, then we cant rule out infiltration of those manning the control room.It reeks of connivance OR an inside job.

  4. redpointer1st says:

    All of the comments were interesting, however Frederick 1337’s analysis presents a very intriguing possibility. Also Jennifer’s is of so called “silenced” firearms is certainly correct. Though the sounds are somewhat muffled, if you are familiar with the sounds of weapons being fired, the silencers won’t fool you at all.
    Also, is one of my first choices for any breaking global Intel Community news. Thank you for your consistent information!

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