French spy agencies conclude Assad government was behind Syria gas attack

Khan SheikhunA comprehensive report released yesterday by the French Intelligence Community concludes with certainty that the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was behind the April 4 sarin gas attack in northwestern Syria. The report, a “national evaluation” based on France’s own intelligence sources and scientific analysis of samples collected from the site of the attack, indicates that the poison gas used in the attack came from stockpiles that belong to the Syrian government.

The sarin gas attack targeted Khan Sheikhun, a town of approximately 50,000 people in the southern region of Syria’s Idlib Governorate. The city is located on the main highway that connects the Syrian capital Damascus with the city of Aleppo in the north of the country. The surprise attack killed nearly 100 people and drew near-universal condemnation from the international community. It also sparked a military attack by the United States, which launched a missile attack at a Syrian military base from where the sarin gas attack allegedly originated.

On Wednesday, France’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Marc Ayrault, announced the publication of a report, which, he said, proves conclusively that the Syrian government perpetrated the attack. The six-page declassified version of the report concludes that “the Syrian armed forces and security services perpetrated a chemical attack using sarin against civilians”. It alleges that the conclusion rests on “intelligence collected by our services”, which includes “samples from the scene of the attack”. The latter are reportedly identical with samples collected from sites of previous chemical attacks perpetrated by the Syrian government. Additionally, the French report concludes that the attack was conducted with the use of airplanes, which the Syrian rebel forces do not have.

The French intelligence report comes after a similar report from the United States concluded that Assad’s government was behind the attack on Khan Sheikhun. A few days after the attack, medical tests conducted on victims of the attack by Turkish experts showed that sarin gas had been used, but did not implicate a specific culprit. The Syrian and Russian governments deny all involvement in the attack and claim that it was carried out by al-Qaeda-linked rebels.

Author: Joseph Fitsanakis | Date: 27 April 2017 | Permalink

4 Responses to French spy agencies conclude Assad government was behind Syria gas attack

  1. Juan F. says:

    Excuse me for having memories but… It was not certified in 2013 by an international commission that all the chemical weapons of the Syrian regime were destroyed? I dont have the time to look for exact data now. But I will have it

  2. Jack Dresser says:

    Yes, all the CW weapons that had not been already seized by the terrorists during their previous military successes. It is logically inconceivable that Dr. Assad would be stupid enough to commit a flagrant atrocity before the eyes of the world when he is (1) winning, and (2) about to enter peace negotiations where he will need the strongest possible hand to play. This event helps only the US-led lynch mob, of which France is an active member, so French intelligence is no more to be trusted than the CIA. Any crime investigator’s first question, cui bono? certainly does not point to Assad. Russia suggests that bombs probably struck a jihaddist CW storage facility.

  3. Dan says:

    And still …NO PROOF!

  4. Bill Banks says:

    This is a link courtesy of Consortium News to a detailed discussion of poison gas in Syria. Theodore Postal has credentials and I didn’t make it past one semester of chemistry. This would reasonably be of interest to those with knowledge of the subject, whether to acclaim or damn the piece.

    Click to access The_New_York_Times_Video_Analysis_of_the_Events_in_Khan_Sheikhoun_on_April_4__2017_NONE_of_the_Cited_Forensic_Evidence_Supports_the_Claims__May29_2017__Standard_.pdf

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