FBI confidential informant who infiltrated the KKK speaks publicly for the first time

Joseph MooreA UNITED STATES ARMY veteran and government informant, who infiltrated the white supremacist organization known as the Ku Klux Klan for over a decade, has spoken publicly about his work for the first time. The informant’s birth name is Joseph Moore, but in 2018 he changed it in order to evade detection by KKK members who might be tempted to track him down. Today the 50-year-old former Army sniper lives with his wife and four children somewhere in Florida, according to the Associated Press.

The news agency said Moore reached out to one of its reporters who had authored a series of exposés about white supremacists working in Florida’s penitentiary system. The reports relied on evidence uncovered by Moore. The former FBI informant told the Associated Press that he has never discussed his undercover work in public, until now. He added that he was not a member of the KKK before “the government approached him, and asked for his help”. That took place in 2007, according to the report.

Moore’s primary mission as an informant for the FBI was to provide evidence of active law enforcement personnel who were active in KKK groups based in Florida and Georgia. After joining the Englewood, Florida-headquartered United Northern & Southern Knights of the KKK, Moore began to regularly attend the group’s meetings wearing hidden surveillance devices. According to the Associated Press, he was able to identify “dozens of police officers, prison guards, sheriff deputies and other law enforcement officers who were involved with the Klan and outlaw motorcycle clubs”.

After a brief respite, the FBI re-established contact with Moore in 2013 and asked him to infiltrate another white supremacist group, known as the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Within a year, Moore had gained the group’s trust and was operating as its director of security, with tasks that included safeguarding the group’s internal communications. During that time, Moore reportedly helped the FBI “foil at least two murder plots” by KKK members, and assisted the government in identifying Klan members who were also working as law enforcement officers throughout Florida.

Moore told the Associated Press that he and his family adopted new names in 2018, in an effort to prevent the men he helped put in prison from finding him once they complete their sentences. But he fears for his and his family’s safety, which is why he chose to go public with his story, in the hope that the exposure will make it harder for the KKK to hurt him. He also said that a number of people associated with the KKK had “appeared at his house” in recent months, prompting him to contact the FBI and his local sheriff’s office. The Associated Press said it reached out to the FBI about Moore’s work as an informant, but received no response.

Author: Ian Allen | Date: 24 December 2021 | Permalink

2 Responses to FBI confidential informant who infiltrated the KKK speaks publicly for the first time

  1. Brendon O'Connell says:

    ALL of these groups are not just “infiltrated” by law enforcement, law enforcement run them. Bikies, all the way up the chain and down the chain. Law enforcement build their careers and keep the chaos going – there is ZERO incentive to take down these groups. They could be outlawed and stiff penalties for anyone being a member in sensitive places – they’ll never do it because keeping chaos and tension is the name of the elite game.

  2. Jimmy Gilbert says:

    Brendon Brendon Brendon…

    There is this thing called the US Constitution that keeps these groups from being outlawed. Also, law enforcement doesn’t have a problem with these groups to say, it’s their behavior… The only reason this story is even news is because of the Jan 6 mess in Washington, being milked by the Democrats for political points.

    This KKK group needed to be taken down, as for why the FBI is letting the informant being harassed to me is a bigger question. It’s not their normal behavior to have the FBI to allow anyone to be outed or harassed by anyone helping them… Something tells me that if we knew the reason why, then the story may very well hurt their case. After reading all about the Steel Dossier mess, I question everything FBI related, mid management and upper. The lower, for the most part, are good folk attempting to do a good job, in a politically infused environment. Until the higher ups in the FBI are held accountable, then their behavior will only get worse. Sooner or later the mess will have to be dealt with, the longer it takes the worse it will be for the country… a lot of dominoes will fall, when it finally begin…

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