Indians arrest second alleged Pakistani spy in Uttar Pradesh

Less than a month after India’s Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) arrested Abdul Jabbar, an alleged Pakistani Military Intelligence agent operating in Lucknow, Indian authorities have announced the capture of a second alleged operative in Meerut, a city 400 kilometers from Lucknow, in the region of Uttar Pradesh. Like Jabbar, who was said to possess “secret information regarding [Indian] Central command”, the second arrestee, Ameer Ahmad, was found to possess “[m]aps of [Indian] army units in Meerut and Dehradun”. On December 17, we speculated that Jabbar’s arrest was “part of an elaborate counterintelligence sting, possibly involving Indian moles inside Pakistani Military Intelligence”. Speculation aside, it would be logical to infer at this stage that Ahmad’s capture is directly related to Jabbar, who appears to be talking to his Indian interrogators.

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