US Special Forces already stationed in Pakistan, article reveals

American and Pakistani military officials have disclosed to The New York Times what defense and intelligence analysts have suspected for quite some time: namely that US military forces are already secretly operating in Pakistan. The officials, who spoke “on condition of anonymity”, confirmed [article reprinted in The International Herald Tribune] that more than 70 US “military advisers […] and technical specialists” are helping Pakistan’s armed forces fight the Taliban and al-Qaeda in the remote areas bordering Afghanistan. Predictably, the US advisers, who have been stationed in Pakistan since the summer of 2008, include “communications experts and other specialists”. The latter allegedly do not participate in ground combat, but routinely provide Pakistani commandos and specialist units with intelligence data. These intelligence specialists, who are not to be confused with “a [separate] small [force] of CIA operatives on the ground” in Pakistan, are reportedly responsible for the recent killing or capturing of “as many as 60 [senior Taliban and al-Qaeda] militants in the past seven months, including the seizure of Zabi al-Taifi, an al-Qaeda-linked Saudi operative. Al-Taifi was arrested last January along with several of his men, allegedly with the help of “a remotely piloted CIA plane hovering overhead and personnel from the CIA and Pakistan’s main spy service closely monitoring the mission”. Unfortunately, in reporting on these latest revelations, The New York Times sloppily brushes over the controversy of targeted assassinations of militants by CIA remote-controlled drones, which intelNews and others have criticized in recent weeks as illegal and counterproductive. It is indeed remarkable that, just days after the US Pentagon admitted killing “13 Afghan civilians and only three militants” during a recent airstrike in Afghanistan, the “newspaper of record” bluntly states that “the American effort is beginning to pay dividends” and that “[i]ntelligence from Pakistani informants has been used to bolster the accuracy of missile strikes”. Ironically, it also relays without comment the words of Owais Ahmed Ghani, governor of Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province, who warns that the US airstrikes “are counterproductive” and aimed at “a quick fix, when all [they] will do is attract more jihadis”.

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One Response to US Special Forces already stationed in Pakistan, article reveals

  1. analyst says:

    I suspected for awhile since Bush boosted SOCOM activties. Mr. Fitsankis knew as well, remeber the raid in syria awhile back? Also the incident in Khyber pass.

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