US Pentagon to build revolutionary spy airship

The US Department of Defense has announced that it is preparing to build a revolutionary surveillance airship that will remain constantly airborne for up to ten years. The 400 foot-long airship will be “a cross between a satellite and a spy plane” and will be powered by solar panels and fuel cells running on hydrogen. It will be able to spy on target planes, tanks and troop movements taking place within a 400-mile radius, while flying at the relatively safe altitude of 65,000 feet. Although Pentagon representatives hinted that the new airship would be primarily utilized along the Afghan-Pakistani border, they also noted it would be able to reach any global location within a fortnight. They also claimed that the new surveillance platform will “far exceed the capabilities of its nearest equivalents, such as AWACS or JSTARS military surveillance planes”. US Air Force chief scientist Werner Dahm described the proposed airship as a “game-changing piece” and an “absolutely revolutionary” system that will offer “constant surveillance, uninterrupted”. The US Department of Defense is currently in the process of selecting a contractor for the project, which is expected to cost upwards of $400 million.

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