Analysis: Can US intelligence help with economic crisis?

Last month, US Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair, warned that the ongoing global economic crisis should be Washington’s “primary near-term security concern”. Although it is unclear whether Blair’s statement represents a grass roots shift in the US intelligence community’s analytical and operational focus, his comments were seen as an attempt to raise economic intelligence to the top of Washington’s intelligence priorities. Observers have described such a potential transformation as “a sea change” and “a new prism” for analyzing global developments from an intelligence standpoint. But do Blair’s remarks represent a concrete change in US intelligence attitudes? Is the economic crisis really a more important intelligence concern than transnational terrorist networks? Even if it is, does the US intelligence community possess the experience and expertise to really monitor, comprehend and analyze global economic developments in a way that can advance US national security interests in the 21st century? These questions are examined in a well-researched article by Tim Sparks, staff writer for Congressional Quarterly. Among other things, Sparks notes that the CIA is currently advertising on its web site for economic analysts.

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One Response to Analysis: Can US intelligence help with economic crisis?

  1. There are good Directions to go in The Money Markets, when We have the Best Intel on these Things, as there are a Multitude of Directions to go, but leading a Trend and a Bull Market takes a lot of Trust that is needed in The Federal Government too. That is established with a New Direction and a New cause that builds on The Old Market Strategies and turns the Markets into a Boom. The Best Ideas are still in The Creative Markets as well as Industries and Commodities, then there always the Techs that are weighing Heavy till they start to move. But the Real game is in This War. Where there is a Serious Management Opportunity to Expand on the Investments of Foreign Markets and Make the Enterprises of The Conservatives more Encouraged as the Bulk of The Energy Crisis is in Rebuttal and would only make a New Venture when the War is in Recovery from This International Crisis. The Energy Markets are Vulnerable to Controls and Need more Open Opportunities that connect Free Trade to the West, as the Markets will respond to a Market Investment Opportunity. The Gold Markets would have a Serious Impact when we sell Gold for Compensation but not the Control of the Bullion just the Gold Bonds and Treasuries that make the Markets a paper Market again. Backed by American Technology we can Manage this to The Best advantages for Our Allies and Secure The Energy Markets as well as Manage this War to Victory, this would have a serious Impact on the Commodities as well as Free Trades and Services. The Housing Markets and Employment Markets would Respond Immediately as The Transportation Industry will too. Never Let The Bullion Leave the Country and Sell The Hell out of it on Paper too. This makes Our National Treasury more Compatible and more Secure too. The Insure the Markets against Default too. With Business Insurance too For The Government. Insurance is The Best Policy and It Pays a Dividend too when The Policy Matures. The Debt of Our Nations Trust is in the Hands of Very Intelligent People and we need some of that Management to Clear away Our Liabilities too. This menas some controls on The Free Trade Markets that makes them attractable and Secures their Markets too. Then The Old Government Gold Markets will be a Rudder in the Stormy Waters but we will have Our Oars in The Water under Good Leadership and Sailing for Winds of Fortune too. If The Gold Markets are Maintaining the money Values for other Nations then it will sustain the Value of our Currency too. Only we will Control The Gold Markets. Volunteer Intelligence.

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