Israeli ex-spy barred from the US wants US visa

Uzi Arad

Uzi Arad

On March 9, I wrote about an interesting diplomatic incident in which the US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, met in Israel with Uzi Arad, a former Mossad agent who is currently barred from entering the US for his involvement as a co-conspirator in the Lawrence Franklin spy case. Lawrence Anthony Franklin was a US Defense Department analyst, who in 2006 was given a 12-year prison sentence for handing classified US military information to Israeli officials and two lobbyists of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). On Tuesday, The Washington Times finally discovered that Uzi Arad is barred from entering the United States. The paper even headlined its article “exclusive”; hmmm…they must not read intelNews, or Ha’aretz for that matter. What is new in The Times‘ piece is the somewhat predictable revelation that, for nearly two years, Israeli officials and pro-Israel Americans have been pressuring the US State Department to grant Uzi Arad a visa, so that he can once again enter the United States. The former Mossad spy, who has been tipped to become national security adviser under Israel’s new Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, actually spoke to The Times and confirmed that “the Israeli government is trying to change” his current status as an intelligence risk to the United States. “The director general of the Israel Foreign Ministry did tell his American counterparts that there has been no cause to deny me a visa”, said Arad. The paper also cites an anonymous “senior official of the incoming Netanyahu administration”, who confidently said that he expects Uzi Arad will be able to enter the United States again “for official business” before too long. Sources tell intelNews that the Arad affair will shortly join the long list of uncovered Israeli espionage cases in the US, that have been treated with kid gloves by American authorities.

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One Response to Israeli ex-spy barred from the US wants US visa

  1. KMansfield says:

    This is a great piece of journalism. Thanks for writing. This goes hand in hand with the handling of the recent Aipac spy case. Apparently the judge has ruled that the onus is on the US government to prove that Rosen was going to use the classified information to hurt the US. Compare with your recent story on the Phillipino spy case, where he went to prison for merely receiving classified material.
    The jusdge in the Rosen case is also advising him on suing Aipac for being fired. Patrick Buchanan said Congress is “Israeli-occupied territory”. To me it appears now the Judiciary is too. The law is not applied evenly.

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