FBI accused of infiltrating California mosques

Niazi in court

Niazi in court

By JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | intelNews.org |
Several American Muslim groups have said they are considering severing ties with the FBI, which they accuse of planting spies and informants in mosques and Islamic centers throughout California. In a statement issued last Tuesday, the American Muslim Task Force on Civil Rights and Elections accused the Bureau of employing “McCarthy-era tactics”, including sending “agents provocateur” to Muslim communities and blackmailing mosque members into becoming informants. The Task Force’s statement cites the case of Ahmadullah Niazi, a naturalized citizen of Afghan descent and a member of the Islamic Center of Irvine, who was arrested last February by federal agents. According to the statement, Niazi claimed he was arrested after refusing to work as an informant for FBI agents, who threatened to make his life “a living hell” if he failed to cooperate. The statement denounces the alleged FBI activities as part of a broader “flourishing of anti-Muslim activity” in the last several years, which is engrained in “counterintelligence programs [currently] quelling lawful dissent”. FBI representative John Miller refused to address the Task Force’s accusations, but called the Muslim groups’ threat to sever their ties with the Bureau “unproductive”. Asked about the case of Ahmadullah Niazi, he referred reporters to California’s Attorney General, who also declined to address the subject.

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One Response to FBI accused of infiltrating California mosques

  1. ms says:

    I guess if there were nothing going on in mosques it would be a moot point. Since many of them are involved in activities that are detrimental to American society, how can it be avoided.
    We need information now just as we did in the past when our country was at risk from those who wish us harm.
    If there is nothing to worry about then great. But if there is something we have the right to know.
    If there are those Muslims who believe in our way of life, who wish to be good citizens, who want our country protected, to enjoy the freedom and liberty this country can offer, then I would suggest they stand up and be heard.
    But the ones making all the noise are those who only seem to want our country to change to fit their laws and their customs. You can’t have it both ways. Are you an American who happens to be Muslim? or are you Muslim who is living in America? they are not the same thing.

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