An April Fools story from Robert Eringer

Albert II

Albert II

In his latest blog entry, former FBI counterintelligence agent Robert Eringer, who until recently was spymaster to Prince Albert II of Monaco, recounts an interesting story of deceit at the gaffe-prone Royal House of Monaco. According to Eringer, the tiny principality’s ruler, Prince Albert II, was recently fooled by an attractive 24-year-old blonde into believing she was the daughter of former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. The woman, whose name was Ekaterini (Catherine) was in fact Greek and spoke not a word of Russian. Eringer reports that the young woman convinced the Monegasque royal to patronize the local chapter of Green Cross International, an environmental action group she claimed to speak for. Some have suggested that the mysterious woman, whose real identity became known after she checked into a local clinic for mental depression, was working for the Russian mafia, who “wanted to get a toehold into the Royal Family and the elite of Monaco for criminal purposes”. But the former FBI agent disputes this, saying that “the Russian Mafia [and Russian intelligence, for that matter,] are much too clever to use a psychologically troubled woman to gain the Prince’s confidence”. He then proceeds to recount some of the many ways in which Russian intelligence have indeed managed to gain the Prince’s trust and infiltrated his Royal House. Eringer’s piece is available here. We also note that Eringer is currently completing a book on his experience as intelligence director for Prince Albert II.

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