UK activist reveals police attempt to recruit her as a paid informant

The London Sunday Times has aired a brief interview with Matilda “Tilly” Gifford, a British environmental activist who last week accused British police officers of trying to recruit her as a paid informant to spy on protest groups. Gifford, whose activist pursuits have repeatedly brought her to the attention of British police, was approached by two unnamed police officers at a Strathclyde Police station in Glasgow, Scotland, and was asked to perform undercover work on behalf of law enforcement. Unbeknownst to the police, however, Gifford was recording the recruiting conversation using a concealed mobile phone. With the help of fellow activists, Gifford secretly videotaped a subsequent meeting with Strathclyde Police officers, who had been led to believe she was genuinely interested in participating in undercover work. Late last month, Gifford published the transcripts of her conversations online. Interestingly, she told the London Times that Strathclyde Police gave her “the impression that if she agreed [to work for them] she would be part of a network of thousands of informants in protest groups across the country”.

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One Response to UK activist reveals police attempt to recruit her as a paid informant

  1. Tilly, Thank you for your bravery and service to the army of global citizen fighting against rising fascism in Europe and North America. You are an inspiring example of the power of the people. Yes, there are those who have sold their souls or out of fear of the British and U.S. torture states have betrayed their causes and their people. Adelante companera Tilly! Hasta la victoria siempre!

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