Foreign spy services active in Pakistani army’s war with the Taliban



Pakistani military and security officials alleged earlier this week that foreign intelligence services are helping pro-Taliban warlords fight the Pakistani army in Swat and in other tribal areas in Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province. According to news reports from Islamabad, the officials have presented the Pakistani government with an extensive report alleging covert assistance to pro-Taliban forces from Indian and Israeli agents. The classified report alleges that Israel supplies tribal warlords “with modern technology”, including radio equipment, while Indian agents, operating out of Indian consulates in the region, are providing the Taliban with weapons and probably training. Pakistani military officials claim they have proof of visits by Indian operatives to Taliban training camps and of meetings between Indian operatives and leading pro-Taliban military leaders and propagandists, such as Maulana Fazlullah and Baitullah Mehsud. Pakistani news outlet INN Online states that “valid proof” of the charges has already been communicated to the US Central Command, and that the issue may be raised with the diplomatic representations of the countries involved, as well as with European Union, NATO and Afghan officials. Meanwhile, it has become known for quite some time that Chinese security and intelligence services are actively assisting the Pakistani military in its incursions into Swat province. In addition to regular intelligence support, Beijing pledged earlier this month to provide Islamabad with $280 million-worth of equipment, including “vehicle and mobile scanners meant to detect car bombs”. The reasons behind the Chinese support to the Pakistani government are complex, and include Beijing’s suspicions that Taliban forces are providing shelter and training to Uighur Chinese Muslim separatists along the Afghan-Pakistan border. But they are also not unrelated to Washington’s recent request that the Chinese actively assist Pakistan’s security forces.

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