The CIA in Iran Today: A Realistic Assessment

Iran protestors

Iran protestors

It is hardly surprising to witness the sudden cessation of the US media frenzy that placed Iran under the microspore last month. And yet I believe that now, as the regime in Tehran is redeploying its machinery of social control, is the perfect time to calmly and sensibly provide a rational assessment of what really took place in Iran in June, as well as the US involvement, if any. The CIA’s past shenanigans in Iran are by now widely known and understood –particularly by the Iranians themselves, who, regardless of their feelings toward the present regime in Tehran, are suspicious of collaborating with US agencies. But what is the US involvement in fomenting unrest in Tehran today? More importantly, to what extent can the CIA’s ongoing covert activities in the Middle East be said to have played a role in last June’s seemingly spontaneous popular uprising in Tehran? With this question in mind, I wrote The CIA in Iran Today: A Realistic Assessment, which you can now read in Jeremy Hammond’s Foreign Policy Journal. Here’s a tip: for the CIA’s intelligence directorate  analysts, the recent unrest in Iran was more like 1979 than 1953. Read article →

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4 Responses to The CIA in Iran Today: A Realistic Assessment

  1. If we were able to start anything inside Iran then, we should be able to do it again too! This Time we should install some of these Cyber Attack Operations with some of The Best Software we can Produce to Disable their Operations inside their Defenses too! Just at the Right Time too. While we Smuggle in something to Implode their Communications too. This would give them a Double Whammy to Deal with about the Time we Invade and Do the Inevitable to Their Facilities, and Hopefully save their Peoples Lives. This could be done with some Trust worthy Alliances in The Muslim World wherever we may Have them Deployed. Timing would be Critical but would Achieve the Best Results if Possible This will Work to The Hilton! Volunteer Intelligence

  2. DeWayne says:

    Fortunately the control over US Corp-Media and censorship of valid news along with floods of propaganda formerly fed to American citizen’s, is being bypassed through new avenues of an open and free internet.

    The proof validating the attempted destabilizing of Iran after the legal and proven accurate voting results re-electing Ahmadinejad, are making most of the “Nuclear Iran” myth simply a continious fable very much like the Iraq-WMD deception’s.

    Unfortunately the unstable with ‘Street Smarts’ seem unable to do the simplest research for truth today, and continue parroting what only the weak minded are able.

  3. Carl Clark says:

    I have many sources inside Irans military and intelligence, the one fear they have is being blamed for supporting terrorism abroad which is the pretext to a very real attack by the Israeli’s which will then bring the U.S war machine rolling in.
    The other is the lies about their Nuclear capabilities, it is still in its infancy, all they are worried about is supplying their own people with power, not for any other reason and the rubbish about making weapons grade plutonium is so off the mark, if you ask a nuclear scientist the process, you will see why its ludicrous.

  4. BMZ says:

    America has become a byword for pathetic immaturity. a total lack of insight into culture and history and religion. no matter how many geeks learn pashtu and farsi, the insight is abundantly absent. more years in afghan than the soviets! What more to say?
    The Arab spring surprised everyone whilst the Iranian hibernation perplexes everyone.
    The answer is
    Iranians are not about to do the bidding of the Israeli-American axis of hate and self destruct their country, there will be no new 79, though it is likely some major changes will arise soon. this however will not presage useless LA iranians flooding back and allowing US and Israeli companies to asset strip Iran in the name of free markets and democracy and installing a Jew Government in Iran that grovels before the West.

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