Al-Qaeda may have infiltrated Britain’s MI5, says lawmaker

Patrick Mercer

Patrick Mercer

The chairperson of Britain’s House of Commons subcommittee on counter-terrorism has raised the possibility that MI5, the country’s premier domestic intelligence agency, has been infiltrated by al-Qaeda operatives. MP Patrick Mercer (Con.) revealed on Saturday that he had been told MI5 had expelled as many as six British Muslim recruits after red flags were raised about their backgrounds. He has since called upon Home Secretary Alan Johnson “to detail how far down the recruitment process the men had got before they were weeded out” by MI5 vetting officers. There are allegations that some of the six potential recruits had been trained in al-Qaeda-run camps in Pakistan, while others had “unexplained gaps in their curricula vitae”. No response has so far been issued by the British government, but The Daily Telegraph has quoted an “unnamed senior security source”, who has denied the allegations.

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One Response to Al-Qaeda may have infiltrated Britain’s MI5, says lawmaker

  1. Jack R says:

    I doubt we need a “very, very useful reminder” that our enemies are out there when our boys are coming home dead and crippled and MI5 are not going to “ignore” our enemies. How could MI5 become complacent when we are constantly reminded of the threat of danger and the unnecessary war in Mr Mercer’s copious articles?

    Mercer wants the government to “continually” tell us how much danger we are in and perhaps make us more
    fearful and susceptible to his way of thinking, his way of doing things, his passion.

    Mr Mercer wants to be assured that the vetting is rigorous and nobody managed to infiltrate but he must know that MI5 use a system called developed vetting which is the most comprehensive form of security vetting and is a requirement of all government post that require the highest level of clearance and so No al-Qaeda sympathisers have successfully infiltrated MI5 upper echelons, nevertheless, the story was sufficient to once more put him in the public eye and that of his boss David Cameron.

    I think Mr Mercer is an old war dog trying desperately to make a comeback on the back of war, threats of terrorism and public concern. one could say he is playing to his strengths while taking advantage of any potential government embarrassment he can muster.

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