Has Skype’s VOIP encryption been broken?



By IAN ALLEN | intelNews.org |
I have explained before that the US National Security Agency (NSA) and other intelligence agencies have found it impossible to intercept Skype’s instant messaging and voice traffic. Like other voice-over-Internet protocol (VOIP) communications providers, Skype uses technology that converts audio signals to data, and transports them through most of the Internet infrastructure in binary, rather than audio, format. Furthermore, Skype uses very complex algorithms to encrypt its customers’ communications. Skype has repeatedly pointed to the technical complexities of VOIP communications, arguing that it is often technically impossible to facilitate communications interception requests by government authorities. There are rumors among communications interception specialists that the NSA is offering billions to anyone who can come up with a reliable eavesdropping model for Skype. Remarkably, on August 25, a Swiss software developer released what he claims is the source code of a program for tapping into encrypted Skype communications. I don’t know whether the source code (essentially a trojan) is effective. He claims it is. If this is confirmed, then several people in Fort George F. Meade, Maryland, will be really close paying attention.

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2 Responses to Has Skype’s VOIP encryption been broken?

  1. Rick Harriss says:

    This laughable. Skype is not broken, neither is programs like PGP, and it is true there are no backdoors in those programs. The backdoors are already pre built into Windows, sort of Trojans, and Microsoft get paid by NSA for every installation, that is why they rather give away Windows than see Linux installed, especially to foreign governements. Then the yanks spread rumors that the programs are safe, so all the guys the want to listen to use just those programs.

  2. Philippines says:

    I’m not really convinced there is 100% security with any particular VoIP service — even if it is the biggest and most advanced in the world such as Skype.

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