Software startup supplying CIA, FBI, DoD, with analytical tools

Palantir Tech

Palantir Tech

CIA and Pentagon insiders are crediting a virtually unknown software startup with having designed the most effective analytical tool to date. The Wall Street Journal reports that Palantir Technologies, headquartered in Silicon Valley, has created a new, user-friendly search engine whose name has not been disclosed. Allegedly, it has the ability to fuse countless separate data banks at once, thus making complex investigative connections in intelligence operations with a regional or global scope. The paper says the software is already in use at the CIA, FBI and Department of Defense, and has already “uncovered details of Syrian suicide bombing networks in Iraq” and “discovered a spy infiltration of an allied government”, among other things. The Wall Street Journal also says that rival software contractors are not happy about Palantir’s growth, dismiss it as “the new sexy thing”, and argue that it won’t be able to make it in the government contracting business.

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One Response to Software startup supplying CIA, FBI, DoD, with analytical tools

  1. Buford Gooch says:

    I’m amused by the comments from the competitors. Basically, they are saying, “Their stuff is so much better than ours that we can’t say anything except that their organization isn’t what we are used to.” Palantir just finished their lunch and is starting on their milkshake, and they still aren’t aware that they are gone.

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